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Okay, so now for the aftermath of the most perfect night of my entire life. haha I woke up (way too) early to make my schedule for transpo, which I forgot to make the night before, and I got plenty of hours. Actually, probably too many hours. I might have to ditch a few. haha But Jeff came over and for my birthday he got me a the new Dashboard cd (not as good as his old stuff, but still worth getting) and the Something Corporate cd. I just about forgot that I was going to see SoCo tonight. haha Ooops. Jeff reminded me this morning. But yeah, then we went to Providence, but on the way we stopped at UConn and I returned my books that I had left from last semester and from the summer and I got $121 back! Woo! We headed out to Providence and browsed the mall a bit. I finally got the My Chemical Romance cd and 2 Skinnee J's latest album at Newbury Comics. We went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory and it was heavenly as always. I loooove that resturaunt. After that we headed to the Met Cafe (quite the shithole, but okay enough I guess as far as concert venues go) for the Damone show. I dont' know who opened, but they made my ears bleed. They were way loud and way terrible. Damone was awesome, and after they were done, I was exhausted and really just wanted to go home. I was mega tired and kept falling asleep during Sense Field who was good, just not good enough to make me stay awake. Plus there were lots of creepy people there that I wanted to get away from. We left before Hey Mercedes but I don't really care. And I drove until CT but then Jeff drove the rest of the way because I was fucking exhausted. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Hopefully I'll have more energy for the Something Corporate show tonight. Yesterday we went to Rocky Neck despite the less that perfect weather, and it was nice. We also watched The Sweetest Thing which is a pretty funny movie. You should go rent it. But yeah, SoCo tonight and party at Amie's tomorrow. Move in on the 18th and so much ish to do before then. Ahhhh! *clings to what's left of summer* Don't leave me!
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