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This is probably one of the most exciting posts I've ever written, but of course it takes me days to write it. Sorry for the delay! But anyway, hands down, that was the best birthday I have ever had. I mean, the money from my dad and roses from my mom were nice and all, but that concert, that Story of the Year concert, made like... my entire summer. I don't know how any concert is going to compare to that one. So fucking awesome. Anyway, I'll start from the beginning...

So Kelly (kellystar), aka one of the most insane dedicated and coolest girls ever, drove all the way from Cape Cod to go to the Story of the Year show with me all the way in freakin' Danbury. We got there around 7:15, but there were some local bands playing that we didn't really care about, so we were hanging out in the parking lot by the band's tourbus, hoping to spot Adam, SOTY's bassist, so that I could remind him that it was my birthday. While we were waiting we hung out with Kelly's friend Seth and his much hotter and much cooler younger brother, Austin. <3 Well, they eventually went inside to check out the bands, but we hadn't seen Adam yet, so were still chillin' by the tour bus. Eventually this guy John came over and was talking to us, and he actually turned out to be SOTY's tour manager. We told him what we were up to, and he tried to get Letter Kills, the band opening for SOTY, to sing for me. Their lead singer, Matt, came over and was like, "Yeah, the rest of my band is shy about their singing voices, so they won't sing, but happy birthday from me. You got a personal happy birthday, that's so much better." He was such a cutie, and so was Tim, one of Letter Kills's guitarists, who also came over and wished me happy birthday. But John was the coolest. He was all talking to us for a while, and he reminded Adam for me that it was my birthday, and he got us water. But not just any water. Oh no, it was special Warped Tour water... IN A CAN. Yeah, when you saw all the bands at Warped pounding energy drinks, they weren't energy drinks at all... they were cans of water. haha Isn't that the best? But yeah, it tastes weird. So anyway, we went inside for Letter Kills and they were really awesome. Matt has a great fucking stage presence. At the end he fucking dove into the crowd and was literally lying on the ground. It was insane. But when they were done, we fucking booked it up front for SOTY. While we were waiting to go on we were talking to Austin <3 and Seth again, and this other kid who was standing near us. And it turns out, he's in this really cool band from NJ called Second String, that I actually just signed up for their mailing and stuff. They rock, you should go check them out. But I thought that was cool... small world, ya know. But so we were like less than an arms length from SOTY when they came on. Like I could, and did, grab touch Dan, SOTY's lead singer. Their set was fucking amazing, as always. ANNNNND right before they played "Anthem Of Our Dying Day" Adam wished me a happy birthday!!!!! Right there and then I could've died happy, but it only gets better from there. So, when the show was over we went outside because it was fucking a million degrees in there. No joke, I sweated off like 2lbs in water weight. But the bands were all sorts of hanging out outside the venue so I went over to Adam and thanked him for wishing me a happy birthday, and Kelly wanted a picture with Phil, SOTY's bassist, so we were waiting for him but he was talking to like 1000 people so we went over and talked to Tim from Letter Kills and Josh, SOTY's drummer. I got Tim to sign the sampler I bought of theirs "Happy birthday, Laura!" and then we were just talking about all sorts of stuff, but we'll put aside the part where Kelly insinuated that it would be hot if they all shared bunks on the bus. But it came up that I drove buses, and Josh and Tim thought it was the coolest thing ever. When Tim's brother, Raphael, came over, he even made me tell him that I drove buses. He also told me that Phil used to drive buses, so when Phil came over the two of us started talking buses and it was so funny. Eventually Tim and Raphael went to the bus, but Phil stayed and talked to us for a while until this other weird girl interrupted and asked to talk to him alone. But he eventually waved us back over to where he was by their tour bus. All the guys were fooling around, throwing boxes and stuff, it was crazy. They were being such rockstars being all reckless and crazy. It was great. But even greater was when one of the other boys who isn't in the band, but was on the bus, went over and KISSED PHIL! Omigod, I almost died. And then John says, "Phil that's the second guy you've kissed today." And Phil replies, "Want to be my third?" John, "Yeah, let's makeout." So I said, "If you made out that would be the best birthday present ever." So then John like attacked Phil and pretended to rape him. It was amazing. Boylove! <3 But then there were these other girls over there, and they asked some of the guys if they wanted to go to a diner. So then the boys asked if we wanted to go to! So of course, we said yessss...! We waited for them to change and stuff, and Phil was changing in front of the bus window and he has such a great body... *drool* I brought Adam and Phil in my car to Denny's! They were in my car! STORY OF THE YEAR WAS IN MY CAR! And then Adam and Phil sat with us! At our own booth! At Denny's! We went to Denny's with Story of the Year! It was just so much fun, even though they were on a tight schedule. John made me try bbq sauce on my cheese sticks, and I teased Phil for taking the tomato off his sandwich but then putting on ketchup. And Adam was explaining why he's a vegan, and I pointed out the bacon on his "boca" burger so he sent it back. haha But then as we were getting ready to go all I had was a $20 and 4 $1 so Phil paid for my food, it was so nice of him. He is without a doubt one of the most genuine, nicest, friendliest people I've ever met. So Adam and John rode in my car (eeee!) on the way back to the buses, and we all said goodbye with hugs and such. And it was just wonderful. I can't wait for them to tour again! Kelly and I got in the car and I was like, "Wait until we get out of the parking lot to flip out!" And she was all, "Drive fast! Hurry up!" So we like flipped out the entire way home, like, "Omigod, did that really just happen!" And even still I have to remind myself that it wasn't just some awesome dream. I am so in love with that band now, holy crap. I have pictures from the show, but again, nothing doing until I hook up my digital to a computer. That probably won't be until I get my laptop. So I'm going to end this very belated journal entry here, so I can save the less exciting things for another entry, because this one is special enough for one entry. :D Later, skaterz.

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