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I guess the third time is really the charm, because the Warped Tour at Randall's Island fucking owned today. Kelly (kellystar) and I got to Randall's Island without getting lost and barely hitting any traffic at like 11:30. We were worried we missed the first bands, but as it turns out, the show didn't start until 12:00, so we had plenty of time to stand in line, get my ticket from will call, and then scalp it since Kelly scored free tickets from her intership at Epic. Of course, getting their early wasn't as cruicial as we thought since all the bands we really wanted to see were in the afternoon. It figures. But since there was no one we wanted to see anyway, we browsed all the tables early and got our share of free shit. I cursed Vendetta Red as they were on stage. I hate those fuckers. One of the first things I noticed was Jaret standing by the Bowling For Soup table, so I went ran over to him and asked for his picture. (That's right, I brought my shit ass digital camera that holds like no plictures to the Warped Tour, and if I ever hook up the software, I'll share them with you.) It came out nice, but I was shaking like crazy as I was seeing if it came out. I got all jittery and I'm not sure why. But I just love him. He's so funny and awesome. And ugh, I wish they would tour New England more often. Kelly laughed at me for shaking like a leaf. We noticed that uhhh, David? maybe was at the Simple Plan table, and so we stared and giggled at his French-Canadian accent while we pretended to be interested in their merch. As we continued to wander among the booths we ran across the Big D and the Kid's Table booth, and I noticed their lead singer chillin. So I got him to sign a sticker for Jeff. I also chatted with him about the show in Boston and how he cracked his head open there. We wandered by the Mest tent, and I was sad to see that they weren't playing that day, not because I really wanted to see them again, but because Tony was in the hospital. Poor Tony. Brand New was the first band we wanted to see, so we headed over to them, but checked out Big D for a few minutes before hand. There was a lot of people for Brand New but, we weren't that far away. Man, it was so mellow. I wasn't expecting them to play all acoustic like that, but it was cool. They were awesome. Good mix of old and new albums... though I would've liked different songs from the new... or at least to have heard "Guernica" and "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows". But they are forgiven because when they started playing Taking Back Sunday that was just too fucking cool. It was incredible and soooo fucking good. I cannot wait to see them again in September. After Brand New we scooted over to see Story of the Year and we were all sorts of up front against the railing. And they fucking owned. I love them more than anything. I don't care if I am seeing them three times a matter of two weeks. They are fucking incredible and that was definitely the best performance I saw at the Warped Tour this year. But I got some good pictures, and would've had more but my memory card is the shit. But yeah, I bought their EP at the end of the show from one of the guys, and I told him I'd be at Monday's show and that it's my birthday, and he said to remind him on Monday! Eeee. :) I love them! Oh, and speaking of love, the Count the Stars booth was close by the stage, and from far away I could see my oh so beautiful bassist at the table, and I had to go get a picture with him with fear he wouldn't be there again. And I got to have his arm all sorts of around me for a while because he had a spree stuck in his flip flop, and he thought I was awesome because I said that I would not only see him later that day, but also on their tour with The Juliana Theory, and I got a hug. And no joke, I think I'm in love. (Sorry, Jes, but you have Bert afterall...) But we missed The Starting Line during all that at some point, but whatever. From Story of the Year we hauled ass back to the main stages and caught the end of Simple Plan and looked like little teeny boppers bouncing around to them. But I don't care because no matter what anyone says, I love them. No, I do not think they are punk and I hate that they are on MTV, but I hate that anyone would be on MTV, and their music is fucking good so, fuck you, Simple Plan-haters. We chilled for a while and planned out the rest of our day, realizing we had some tough choices to make. At 3:30 we saw The Used and we were pretty far back, so I couldn't see at all. But they were good except for the fact that Bert wouldn't shut the fuck up and sing. Damnit, why are you starting a goddamn wave when you should be playing music. This is a rock concert, not a fucking baseball game. So after him talking for a good five minutes, I got fed up and went to go see Bowling For Soup on the Ernie Ball Stage. So I didn't get to hear "Buried Myself Alive" so that was disappointing. I was just not in the mood for him to fuck around though. [another EDIT:] Oh, but but when we were watching BFS, Jaret pulled out his cell and he had Tony from Mest on the phone (or at least he said he did) and we all shouted how much we loved him! Poor Tony... [/EDIT] After BFS we debated between the All American Rejects and Count the Stars, and after much toil and clothing similes, we decided to go with the latter. And thank God we did, because ugh, we were write up front again. And I got to see my gorgeous bassist being all sorts of hot and amazing on stage, and the more I watched him the more I wanted him. Someone, please, get me Clarke Foley for my birthday. I wannnnnt him soooo bad. He is definitely the prettiest boy in the entire world and I just must have him. Oh, and the hottness of all hottness the second most perfect rock-n-roll boy, my Red Chester boy, played with them for a song. hehe I keep running into that kid. And speaking of running into people, I ran into Jim and Nikki after the CTS set. So we talked with them for a while, annnnnd, we talked with Dan from Red Chester when I grabbed him and bought a cd for Kelly. After all that we went and checked out Yellowcard. They were really good. I'm amazed that that guy can play the violin and jump and down at the same time. It was pretty cool. We lost Jim and Nikki after that, and we headed over to see Taking Back Sunday. [EDIT:] I always forget the best parts! We walked around a little bit before we went over to TBS and we found ourselves hanging out by Bowling For Soup's booth, which of course had a long line of peope waiting for autographs in front of it. Well, Jaret saw us watching and pointed to us, smiled, and waved. We waved back and then dissolved into a bunch of giggling idiots. That was one of the best parts of the day! He waved at us cause he remembered us! Also, we went over to the SOTY booth again, and the lead singer was there so we got him to sign our EP/samplers that we bought earlier. :D Anyway, sooo, TBS... [/EDIT]. It was crazy crowded over there, but we were determined to get closer once the show started, and this kid who refused to believe that Kelly was 21 and had a massive crush on her, was determined to help us. But we all just wound up being thrown around in the insane mosh pits. I've never seen such a wild crowd before. Those people were so fucking woah for TBS. So I couldn't see and spent more time trying to stay with Kelly and not die, that I didn't get to focus on their music, but what I heard was awesome. They still sound just as awesome even with the new setup. I am so excited to see them in September now. After that we pushed our way over the The Ataris and while they were amazing (as if they could be anything but), they didn't play long enough. They played six songs, but... it just seemed short. I was upset they played "Boys Of Summer" even though I knew they would. I love that cover, I just wish they played their own music. *sigh* I want to see them at a small venue again. We headed out when they were done because Me First and the Gimme Gimmes closed, I'm not sure why, but whatever, and we ran into Red Chester boy again, and chatted for a bit. We got hugs!!! goodbye and then got onto the highway with little incident. The ride home we blasted music and screamed along to SOTY and TBS and The Used and were famished by the time we got to the first Wendy's we came across. But yeah... this Warped Tour owned over the last one. Randall's Island is a much much much much nicer venue. It's bigger and grassy and I didn't miss half of it from being stuck in traffic. So it was just a fucking incredible day. And what is even more incredible is that I don't even have anything to do tomorrow. No more calc work and no more Limited Too for the rest of the summer. So the only thing on my agenda is figuring out how to get those pictures onto my computer. Alright, I need to go de-grossify myself and get some much needed rest. Later, skaterz.



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Aug. 10th, 2003 06:28 am (UTC)
yaaaay!!! we had soooo much fun :D we gotta do it again sometime.
i am sooo seriously considering coming home tomorrow for the SOTY show. a friend of mine has an extra ticket soooo yeh, i wanna see them sooooo soo bad again. and after all, it's laura's happy bday tomorrow :P

i will call you and let you know like tomorrow for sure if i'm coming..thanks for going to warped with me, it was the best ever! ttyl hun
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