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Maybe this is just what I need.

I imagine hell to be something like the DMV. Actually, the DMV was not so bad today... it's just that I have to screw up everything with this CDL possible. It took me four trips to the DMV to get the damn thing, and two to renew it. Apparently you need the complete medical form and not just the card saying it's not yet expired. So I got up there, waited in line, only to be turned away. Luckily my doctor's office had a copy, so I went all the way back to East Hartford to get it. I actually did that in about 15 minutes. Heh. I made it back before they closed, and waiting in line, and getting my license photo and everything only took about 10 minutes. I think that's a record. I just still hate the DMV. I shouldn't have to go back until 2009. The bad part about that is that I have to live with that picture for the next six years. Granted, it did come out better than my last one. The new license types are just not as flattering as the last ones. Actually, comparing the two licenses made me realize that exactly a year ago today I got my CDL annnnd got my tattoo. Crap, now I can give blood again. I'd better get a new one. :) But at least I got all that done today. I also vacuumed and washed my car, despite the shitty weather. I hope next week is nicer. I'm going to be pissed if I don't get to go to the beach at least one more time before bandcamp starts.

Oooohhhh! And good news! First of all, my cat came back! Jeff and I went looking for her and after calling for her for like 10 minutes she came running to me. Yay! And, also, as I was making my second trip up to Enfield, Radio104 called me and told me I won Story of the Year tickets! Woohoo! So today is looking up from yesterday. :-D Now I'm going to go eat some dinner before I go work my last shift at Limited Too forever until Christmas. Oh, and tomorrow: Warped Tour Take 2. :-D Later, skaterz.


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Aug. 8th, 2003 03:14 pm (UTC)
Where are you seeing Story Of The Year? and when?
Aug. 8th, 2003 05:29 pm (UTC)
Empress Ballroom(Danbury) August 11.

Your so lucky you won tickets!! I wanna go see them so bad. I shouldnt complain cause I have seen them twice and met their lead singer. But I cant help but wanna see them again and again! Have fun for me!! <3
Aug. 9th, 2003 05:09 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've seen them three times now, and four after today. But a tiny venue like that and on my birthday. I definitely cannot pass that up. I just have to find someone to go with now. haha
Aug. 9th, 2003 04:03 am (UTC)
Yes, like she said, the 11th at the Empress Ballroom. But hey, loser, thanks for saying hi to me at the mall last night! It wasn't like I was wearing a nametag saying who I was or anything. lol :)
Aug. 9th, 2003 10:30 am (UTC)
OH MY GOD. Laura. You passed by me so quickly! I was like "OH NO! That was.. *gasp* LAURA!" It's okay. I am a loser! I felt like a loser.

I thought it would be that show... I'm supposed to go. To see Apathy Season. Because I know the singer of the band. But my car's acting up so I probably won't be able to go. Sadness. Enjoy them for me!
Aug. 9th, 2003 08:08 pm (UTC)
haha No. You passed by *me* too quickly! I will enjoy them, but you should goooo. Because then I would know for sure that I had someone to hang out with because as of now I have no one to go with. I have two friends who are dyyyying to go but will be in the Cape. Losers.
Aug. 9th, 2003 10:18 pm (UTC)
It's too bad I get my car fixed the day AFTER. Otherwise, I'd go. :( I'm sorry, Laura!
Aug. 10th, 2003 05:45 am (UTC)
i'm glad your cat came back! :)
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