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I hate hospitals.

I hate the smell. I hate all the machines. I hate the needles and the IVs. I hate all the doctors, even if they are really nice. But mostly, I hate the waiting. I did a lot of that today. Too much of it. In fact, my entire day was mostly spent waiting. I didn't even eat anything today, because I was too busy... waiting. And being too grown up. I suppose I'm adult now, but like, it sucks. I don't like having to call my family members and tell them that my mom practically had a heart attack. I shouldn't be taking care of my mom... not yet anyway. It's supposed to be the other way around. But now I have to go find something to eat and get some sleep because I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow, and this fucking snow storm better not get in my way. I have to go turn on a tv, too, because the house is too quiet, and I'm all alone...
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