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I'm my own worst enemy.

I am so pissed at myself. I just completely bombed my calc test. I know I did. And it's because I didn't study enough. I thought I like knew the shit cold, but there was so much on there, and I only really reviewed the earlier stuff, that I just like blanked. I'm so pissed. I had such an awesome grade. I'm going to have to rock the final like nobody's business now. Which means, I need to not be a cocky fool and actually study... hard. And since the next two days are pretty busy, and because it would make Kristina feel better, I'm going to start studying today. I was going to say that I have nothing better to do because it's rainy and gross out... but now the sun is out. It fucking figures that it comes out now... no it couldn't have come out on the way home from class, instead I had to fear for my life driving in blinding conditions on the highway and on streets flooded with 18" of water. Yeah, good times. Fuck you, weather. Of course, the rest of the week will probably suck ass, too. Grrr... I'm going to go do something productive now so I can curb this bout of self-loathing. Later, skaterz.
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