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There's a reason why certain people meet.

AOL is such a piece of shit and I'm really getting sick of it. I'm not sure whether it's my computer or this modem or just the shittiness that is America Online, but I've about had it with it taking 10 minutes to load a goddamn website. I will be quite thrilled when I have my new laptop and ethernet. Grr. My sound is all sorts of fucked up, too. Fuck you, computer.

Teen People disgusts me. Yes, I have a subscription to Teen People. I don't want to talk about it. But yes, there is a segment that tells you how to dress like AAR and Simple Plan. *sigh* Whyyyyyyyy?

Friday I hung out with Kelly and Raechel (yay!) and we saw Pirates of the Carribean again. Let me just say that it is my new favourite movie, up there with Star Wars and everything. I love Johnny Depp in eyeliner and his acting is just incredible. That whole movie is good... except for the fucking monkey. I hate that monkey. If you don't like the monkey, either, then DO NOT stay for the clip after the end credits. It scared the fuck out of me. My favourite part though at the end... "So this is the path you've chosen to take? After all, he is a blacksmith." "No... he's a pirate." It makes me giddy every time. I'm so tempted to go see it again... Best movie ever.

I went to go see American Wedding on Saturday night. It was really funny, and really gross. The soundtrack is really awesome and I got $5 off the movie when I bought it. I got all stupid when Sugarcult came on during the ending credits. I all sorts of embarrassed Jeff by yelping "Sugarcult!" and jumping up and down when "Bounching Off The Walls" started playing. Sorry, I found it exciting. I'm a bit 'Cult deprived... can you blame me?!

I can't believe that I go back to school in two weeks. That's insane. But I am muchos excited about all the fun stuff I have planned. I will give you a run down, because I know you all care so much:

Tuesday, August 5th: Mystic Aquarium or the beach, and party at Jeff's house. (Yay for parents being gone for the week!)
Wednesday, August 6th: Six Flags and Amie's birthday!!
Thursday, August 7th: My last day of calculus and lunch with Kristina!
Friday, August 8th: My last day at Limited Too for a while. I'm actually starting to feel a bit of withdrawl...
Saturday, August 9th: Warped Tour...take 2 at Randall's Island with Kelly!
Monday, August 11th: Yours truly's birthday and Story of the Year at the Empress Ballroom!
Tuesday, August 12th: Damone at the Met Cafe in Providence and a birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
Thursday, August 14th: Something Corporate at the Webster!!

I know, you wish your life was half as exciting as mine is.

I have a calc midterm in the morning and I haven't studied yet. I will probably just get a ridiculously small amount of sleep and study in the morning. I took a nap this afternoon so I'm not really tired, but I suppose I should get some sleep anyway...

Oh, but before I go...

nurse. leo. attention whore. punk rock princess. flexitarian. space case. deltasig. browncoat. fangirl. professional bridesmaid. lover. geek. only child. dreamer. former market researcher. aerialist. uconn husky. internet addict. twentysomething. enfp/j. crazy cat lady. gryffindor. bohemian. new england gangsta. democrat. narcissist. daughter. friend.

just me.

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