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Life is floating fast away.

Fuck you, indigestion. I believe that in not eating as often as I should I have disrupted my body's ability to digest food. Any time I eat a normal amount (good food or crappy food) I get sick. Perhaps I should start eating more regularly and healtier as per request of my fitness program. And maybe I should start going more regularly to that, too. The last two weeks I've gone only twice. Three times is really not that much to ask. I'm just so fucking lazy. Actually, I was a bit productive this evening. I got all the paperwork that'd been piling up on my desk put away and got out some of which I would need to pay a visit to a credit union I found. There's one for CT State Employees that's right by school, and since I'm actually working at transpo on Monday, it will be a perfect time to go! I need to refinance my car loan so I can stop paying through the ass. But no matter what the town of South Windsor will still continue to rape me with car taxes which I just wrote out a check for. $220.74 that I'm not sure I even think I have in my checking account. I think I have a couple paychecks coming though... even though they're miniscule, they're something. I also finished making the blueberry cobbler for the Beta BBQ tomorrow. It's supposed to be beautiful so I'm excited about that. What I'm not excited about is waking up at the ass-crack of dawn (Okay, 8:00 AM is not that early, but it is on a Sunday, especially when you've been sleeping until 11:30 AM the past two days.) for a store meeting at LTD2. Booo. I'm glad I mustered up some amount of productivity this evening, but I feel bad that I've done no writing. Other people's boyslash stories *cough*iheartbootiebob*cough* have been distracting me and making me think of other story ideas, so now it's like I can't concentrate. Or maybe it's that I'm even too lazy to do things that I like doing... Maybe I'll get some writing done in calc next week. hehe Shit, I have to do calc work at somepoint tomorrow. Did I mention that I got an 86 on my first midterm and therefore have a solid B in calculus, aka a math class?? Okay, maybe I did, but... it's awesome and I hope I can keep it up. And shit, it's late and I have to be up way too early so... yes, goodnight.


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Jul. 20th, 2003 12:12 am (UTC)
haha you are a slash-addict..i might find myself writing some myself this coming week cause i'm gonna be on vaca with the fam and i'm going to need some way of escaping them :P

did you get the e-mail from raech? i wrote back and told her that i'm going to be in cape cod all next week, oh yeh, hey laura i'm gonna be in cape cod all next week (hehe) so i won't be able to hang out with you guys :-( i told her that when i get back though, we should all (all three of us haha) get together and do something..i guess that's it for now, have a good week and i will talk to you when i get back!!

p.s. great job on the calc exam!! woooooo!!
Jul. 20th, 2003 08:28 am (UTC)
*jealous* I wish I was going to the Cape... *pout* Have fun though!! And yes, much hangingoutness will be done when you get back.
( 2 beeps — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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