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So a lot has happened since I last updated. Monday I started my calculus class. It's at 9:00am, Monday-Thursday. I don't think there could possibly be anything more evil. The class feels really short (it's only and hour and a half) compared to my COMM class (3.5 hours). It's at the Hartford campus, which is really shitty, but a shorter drive than UConn. Their campus is about the size of Bryant (maybe a little smaller... but only because they don't have dorms, haha) and there's only parking lot for students *and* visitors and it's not even the size of W Lot. My teacher is not who the registration book said it was. His name is Ermeck Nerk...kjshdlxinf...ov. Something like that. I looks Asian, but doesn't sound Asian, and his last name is certainly not Asian. He's boring, but that might be a consequence of the fact that it's calculus. So far he's good at explaining it, and so far I understand, but then again we're doing a review of algebra (i.e. stuff I should've learned how to do in 9th grade). I took my first quiz today (we have 2 a week) and I think I got everything right! It's amazing what going to class and doing the work will do for one's understanding of the material. I really hope I can do decently well in this class despite the fact that it is a math course and I haven't done well in a math course since 10th grade geometry. I'm going to be sad if it defeats all the work I've done to bring my GPA up to a 2.724. That's right kids, I got an A in my COMM class! I'm so excited that I get to keep looking at a pretty semester GPA of 4.0 at least until this calc grade comes in. heh

Monday night I went to a party and I didn't really have any fun. Maybe it was because I wasn't drunk and everyone else was, or because I don't like being attacked by 1000s of misquitos while playing beer pong, or don't like hanging out with people I don't really know, but probably it was because I'm a bitch and I suck at life. I think know I ruined the good time other people were having so that makes me feel bad. I honestly don't know why people hang out with me. I think most of them just haven't figured out who I really am. They haven't realized yet just how much I complain, and how I have to have everything my way. I'm an anal retentive brat and a hypocrite and ugh... I really don't like the person I am at all... bleargh.

Well, after that depressing note, how about some lighter news? Sunday my mom went to the casino and was in a slot tournament, and she won the grand prize which was $30,000!! Granted that only puts a small dent in all the losses that she's had from them, and a small dent in our bills and loans, but hey it's $30,000 that was free!

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. I started writing so I want to do some more of that today. I need to do laundry, too, and go to curves. And all of a sudden I'm starving... maybe I'll go raid Amie's pantry and hope her dog doesn't attack me in the process.

Current obsessions: the Ataris's cover of "Boys of Summer", dorm room shopping, diet coke and Bacardi Limon, "The Swiss Army Romance" by Dashboard Confessional, and the passport program at Curves...


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