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I swear to god this content ananlysis project for my communications class is going to be the end of me. All day! All flippin' day I've been going through magazines carefully recording the number of minorities and interracial couples I find. Argh, it's taking forever and I still have two more issues of Maxim to go. And then once I'm done with it all, I have to write a 15 page paper on my findings. And this is all due Tuesday. I'm soooo fucked. It was actually a bit of a godsend that I had no hours at Limited Too this week. Watch them call me in tomorrow for my call in. It's not like I couldn't use the money though... Yeah, I only got 2 flippin' hours at transpo for the rest of the summer. Arrrgh. More time to concentrate on calculus I guess. *shudder* Okay, I should go to bed so I can wake up early and get to Curves. I got my monthly weigh-in/measurements done and everything the other day and I lost 4 lbs (which is not a huge deal because I can gain it over the course of the day), a percent and a half of body fat, and 8 inches from various parts of my body, including 2 inches from my hips! woohoo! So yeah, it's going to be a long next few days, kids. Does the stress never end? haha Oh and one more thing to reiterate how most of New England feels... this weather sucks balls!! Right now in Rome it's 84 and sunny... I hate Connecticut weather.
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