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Yeah, so I just got home from the dark room. And none of my prints are mounted yet. I have to do that tomorrow, well, later today, in a few hours. But I have to get mount board first. The mounting will have to be finished by 2:30 tomorrow when we have our midterm and our critique. I have to work at 5:00pm which means I won't get to spend the evening with Jeff like I had been looking forward to. And if I want to go to Curves, I'm going to have to go in the morning, or in a few hours rather. Also, I have a presentation and half of a massive paper for my communications class due on the 12th. I don't even have a topic yet. I am so incredibly fucked. And right now my head is completely stuffy so I can't hear a thing or breathe through my nose and my throat hurts so bad I think I could die. I have massive zits popping up all over my face, my shoulders and neck are sunburnt, my hair is too long, too many colors, and too greasy, and I reek of photography chemicals. I think I am finally falling apart... literally.
nurse. leo. attention whore. punk rock princess. flexitarian. space case. deltasig. browncoat. fangirl. professional bridesmaid. lover. geek. only child. dreamer. former market researcher. aerialist. uconn husky. internet addict. twentysomething. enfp/j. crazy cat lady. gryffindor. bohemian. new england gangsta. democrat. narcissist. daughter. friend.

just me.

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