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Three down, two to go.

Ugh, math was torture. I found out that even though it's a department wide test, my dipshit of a professor is the one who makes the tests and everything. So it's going to be the same fucking shit no matter what when I have to retake it, and I assure you, I will have to retake it. The whole exam was multiple choice so there goes any partial credit. I totally blanked on shit I did know, and the stuff I thought I knew I didn't know well enough because the problems that were on the test were fucking hard. Or maybe I just suck. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. I'm so fucking tired. I just want to sleep. Can I just turn my brain off? Please? I hate thinking about things and boys and life and sucking at it and how I've fucked myself over is so many ways that I wouldn't even be able to count them even if I didn't suck at math. I don't know anything anymore. All of this is slowly killing me, I just wish it'd kill me and get the fuck over with. I know this eventually has to get better, but every time I think it's about to, it's just a big fucking tease. All of this needs to get better soon, because I can't take much more of this shit. I can't stand the person I am anymore, and I don't know why anyone else can either. Maybe this feeling of complete lonliess is just me preparing for the day when everyone else finally gets fed up with the giant loser I am. Next semester will be better... but next semester is so far away. And this summer is... I don't know. I feel like it's never going to come because it's 55 and cloudy out and I feel like that's never going to change. I'm just rambling about pointless bullshit now... I'm not even making sense anymore, but nothing makes sense to me these days anyway. I should be studying anyway. I have another final in a few hours. How depressing would it be to fail *two* exams in one day? Haha, if anyone could accomplish that, I could. It's almost over...

Last semester's GPA: 2.364
Previous overall GPA: 2.865
This semester's expected GPA: 1.875
New expected overall GPA: 2.610
*This semester's actual GPA: ...
*New overall GPA: ...

*Updated as grades come in.
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