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Today was awesome. I wish everyday we had a bus roadeo and I could get free food and t-shirts and senority points and have waterfights and fun with the people at transpo who are really the best people in the world. I probably would've been like fuck you UConn and dropped out by now if it weren't for them. I love you guys, really. You make my life so much better. I am quite sunburnt now, and I have a nasty splinter but that's okay because I had a really great time. I had a great time too, despite stupid boys, last night, too, hanging with my awesome future roommate and Ben and Paul. Bacardi Limon and toffee flavoured butter popcorn are delicious. And so was Kristen in that turquoise dress. But yes, yay for hanging out with friends and having good times and them distracting me from my brokenheartedness and my jealousy. I hate being so jealous. But yeah, thanks too for listening to the same shit over and over again. Feel free to tell me to shutthefuckup and get over it whenever you want, really. I would've a long time ago. I'm beyond retarded and ARRRRGGGGHHHH! The FUCKING CAT just knocked an entire fucking Vanilla Bean Coolatta off the kitchen table all over the fucking floor!!! WTFFF! *aggrivated sigh* I'm going to clean that up now and then find a sweatshirt because it's fucking cold in here (did you know there's a frost warning for tonight?! I fucking hate New England.) and then find some food because my stomach is all sorts of hurting right now. Later, skaterz.


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