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Mmmm, I love 20 minute classes. We're reviewing in Italian so we got out early so it is giving me a chance to update my journal. I really should be sitting outside or something because it's gorgeous out. I am loving this weather. Why can't it stay like this forever? Okay so, the rest of my spring weekend...

Friday night was fun up at Bryant as always. I'm sad that I don't get to see my Bryant girls until next year though! You guys have to visit Courtney this summer. It's not even an option. Saturday night was the concert and it turns out we won two VIP passes and two more tickets. And Jen wasn't feeling well, so she decided not to go. So we had two new VIP passes ,two old VIP passes, and 6 tickets. Well, we decided to try to scam them and sneak Val and Todd into the meet-n'-greet with our old passes. Haha, it worked. :) And this time the meet-n-greet was with Good Charlotte! haha, I'm not really all about them, but it was cool to now have met both the bands. And I just love the fact that I had my arm around Joel Madden and it really didn't mean that much to me, but every little obnoxious 12-year-old girl at that concert would've killed to be in my shoes. hahaha They were really kind of sullen...and short! I couldn't believe how short they were! When they walked in I didn't recognize them. I was like, "Who are these punk kids crashing our meet-n-greet?! Oh, wait a minute..." But yeah, it was awesome to have floor tickets. We were just chillin' in the back for Hot Rod Circuit and Less Than Jake (both awesome!) and we started working our way up for Good Charlotte and NFG. GC was awesome again, but they said the *same* exact things. Like verbatum. It was kind of annoying. NFG was awesome and I was in like the front row for them. It killed me trying to stay up there though. I'm all sorts of sore now. But it was worth it to be that close to them when they sang "Dressed to Kill" and to have Jordan point at me when he was singing "Glory of Love". hehe I <3 eye contact. But yeah, we had a fucking awesome parking spot and we kicked got out of Hartford before we would've even gotten to our car in Worcester. After stopping home to change we headed to UConn for X-Lot festivities. I hooked up with some people from Transpo and found Amie who found Joe, and it was a good time. I didn't stay long, but it was fun. I was a lot drunker than I thought I was. The whiskey (shutup! it was all i fucking had) really kicked my ass. It was a great night and a great morning.

...And now it's all fucking over with because now it's Monday and I have to get back to reality. And I have to accept the fact that I'm going to fail math, because I got a 70 on the test I just go back which means I need like a 99 on my final. Yeah... I'm just destined to suck at math, and really life I think. Anyway, I'm going to go enjoy the weather and lunch with Amie and Ben now. Yeah, and actually go to another class. Later, skaterz.
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