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Okay, so it's 11:00 practically, and I still haven't done anything productive yet again. I haven't done my laundry. I haven't done my psychology lab. I haven't done any math work. I haven't done any econ/psych/coms reading. All I've done is try and figure out my fucking class schedule for next year, considering none of the classes I need are fitting. My solution to the entire mess: take on a COMS minor. In the long run that will really only make more work for me, but at least next year I will be making some sort of progress toward *something*. I'm also going to to take a bunch of courses over the summer, because the name of the game is be home as little as possible. This is what my schedule looks like preliminary:

May 19 - June 27
COMM230 - Effects of Mass Media (TuTh 6:00-9:30pm)
May 27 - June 13
ART166 - Basic Studio, Photography (Daily 9:00-4:00)
June 30 - August 8
SOCI107 - Introduction to Sociology (TuTh 6:00-9:30pm)
MATH106Q - Calculus for Business and Economics (MTuWTh 9:00-10:35am)

Fall Semester:
BLAW275 - Business, Law and Society
ILCS147 - Intermediate Italian I
COMM130 - Mass Communication Systems
COMM210 - Persuasion
ACCT131 - Principles of Financial Accounting
MUSI109 - Marching Band

Anyway, I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow so we can make sure that I'm not completely insane. I'm hoping to talk to her about some study abroad options, too. I miss Italy. Speaking of Italy... I have an Italian test tomorrow. I know I am going to forget all about it, too, which I can't because I need to do well, because I have a shitty average in that class. Well, not comparatively to my other classes, but shitty nonetheless. It's relaly going to be quite comical in a dark, depressing kind of way, to see how much lower my GPA goes after this semester. But yeah, other than kindof, sortof figuring out my classes for next year, today was a total bust. I missed my psychology lecture because I slept in. I woke up at 6:00 when my alarm went off but went back to sleep and woke up at 7:30. I decided that it was too late to make my class, so I decided to take another short nap, but still get to school in time to do some work. I was going to get a lot of work done since my Italian class got moved to 1:00 so I had a large block of time to work with. Of course, I slept through all of it and got nothing done. I did have a really weird dream though where I had this contagious disease and I was the carrier that gave it to everyone else. Maybe I should stop reading Dreamcatcher... But even though I was all diseased, Courtney still hung around me. Isn't she the best? lol Then I skipped Econ to go see that dude about photography, which was kind of not as productive or very time consuming, but oh well. I've only missed 3 classes since spring break, which really isn't that bad for me at all. I'm doing better, really... I wish Jeff was around to talk to tonight but right now his band, Brother Moose, is playing their first gig at a bar in Bangor. I'm so excited for him. :) Time now for either sleep or productiveness... or more sitting on my ass in a dumb stupor. Yeah, probably that.


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