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Omigod, I'm so completely hungover. I've never been this hungover in my entire life, but it was very worth it. Last night was great. I did a special for work and I got paid, yes paid, to go to the movies. I had to drive a bunch of student alumni association people from different schools to the movie theatres in Willimantic along with four other drivers. I actually ran into Mary and Lindsey, two of Courtney's suitemates, which was really awesome. Such a small world, I swear. Then I went to go see A View From The Top and it was cute. Nothing special. After we finished the special, Ben and I went to a party in the room next to his. At first I thought it was going to be weird since I didn't know anyone and wasn't planning on drinking much. But I wound up talking to some really awesome people and having great conversation. I was just chillin' talking about music and concerts with these two guys, Joe and Paul, and it was just good fun. I should've known that I would have fun since I was with Ben. He of course kept putting shots in me all night, so I wound up staying over. And of course I woke up completely hungover. And now I have to go drive another special and then close at Limited Too... bleah. Later skaters.


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