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It's still so sore and exhausted from the concert last night. Simple Plan was amazing. I can't believe they played like every song on their album. They were sosososo good. I worked my way up to the front, hence the soreness and exhaustion. I definitely made eye contact with some of them. I love eye contact. Gob was really quite good, too, but the others were just kind of blah. Not bad, but not good either. I didn't buy anything at the show either. I always buy stuff at concerts. I'm so amazed with myself. Also, I've never gotten so disgusting at a concert. I was literally drenched in sweat. I was so completely drained, too. I could barely stay awake on the way home which was why I thought that I was seeing things when I saw not one, but two deer bound across the street. This wasn't in eastbumfuck Storrs, this was like 250ft from my driveway. I'm not sure how much fun Val and Ben had. I was really happy they came, even though they had so much work to do. I love doing things with them.
Tonight I'm doing a special, driving some people to a movie theatre. Yes, I'm getting paid to go to the movies, and getting my ticket paid for, and getting paid to watch the movie. I love my job. I might go to a party after that. We'll see. But now I'm going to shower and take a nap or do some errands or maybe just sit here on my ass some more because that's all I ever do.
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