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Today started out kind of crappy. It was beautiful out again, but since I stayed up all night doing I don't know what, not being productive and not studying for my Italian test, I skipped math to study for Italian. I was really going to do the whole not skipping any classes. I'll go on Friday, I swear. And I'll ace the math quiz. Yes, that's the plan. But I don't think I did so hot on the Italian test I took. It was hard. I was one of only 4 people in my class to score perfectly on the last pop quiz we had, which apparently everyone did so terribly on that we all took it over. That made me feel good. I got a 22/30 on my Econ midterm. With the curve that's a B+. I was kind of hoping for an A. I could've really used an A. Driving wasn't too bad, except for the fact that I had to drive an international and I couldn't figure out how to turn off the heater that was practically setting my leg ablaze and the dumbass kids who were like, "Can you put on 93.7?" Sorry, kids, I don't "blaze 18 straight jams in a row." After work I went to Hot Topic, and wound up spending much more than I had originally planned. I got more cds and a belt (I know, shocker...), but it's sooo pretty. It's leopard print and furry and I love it! And now I'm just like relaxed and excited because I only have one class tomorrow and I get to see SIMPLE PLAN!!!!!!! Omigod, I'm so excited. And right now I'm revamping my hair, even though it was recently revamped. Yes, I will probably still be up for a few hours, but since I'm doing nothing tomorrow, I will sleep... in the library.
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