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So I should be taking my Italian test right now, but I realized I could take it tomorrow. Score! Today is pretty out like yesterday, so hopefully I will have another awesome day, because yesterday was great. I was so exhausted though I went to bed at like 11:30 and slept straight until 6:00. I'm sorry to anyone I was talkin to and just kind of blew off. I was planning on coming back to the computer, but that like just didn't happen. I can't go 3 days without sleep like I could back in the day. Yesterday I would just like to say that I went to *all* my classes. Yes, you should be very proud of me. Yes, that means I went to math. My teacher is a tool, like the biggest tool. He's such a dick. And not just because he couldn't give me that one extra point so I'd get a passing grade on my last exam. The class average was probably around like a 67 so I didn't do that bad. My missions for yesterday were to get my reslife id thing working so I could get my "random number" for housing selection and figure out what the fuck happened to my Simple Plan tickets. Well, I did get my number... I dunno, the site just decided to *not* reject my password. I'm 10,233... yeah... but Susan is 11,400 so I'm not sure what that means. I'm still confident we can get McMahon. The Simple Plan tickets *didn't* come in the mail yesterday so I'll give them until today. They'd better come today, or I'm going to go potal on tickets.com's ass. The show is THURSDAY!! I also signed up for a psych experiment, which was productive of me and I got my grade on my psych exam... C. Not bad considering I should have had a big fat F. Yay for curves. I'll get my econ grade hopefully tomorrow, and my italian midterm grade so then I'll be able to reevaluate just how completely screwed I am for grades this year. Haha. After work today I'm going to hit up Target and pick up some essentials. And then maybe get some things done tonight. I want to make t-shirts, but making stencils is hard. I wish I had some sort of crafty talent... *sigh* Time for Italian. Later, kids.


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