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So today started off pretty awesomely. I decided that I should start spring break early, so I didn't go to any of my classes today. I'm burnt out on school anyway. I just had three exams and I think I failed all of them. It doesn't really matter though since I'm fucked in my classes anyway. Yeah, I was retarded in picking classes, so I have like none of the prerequisites for my business classes, and I'm not far enough advanced in my Italian classes to take most of those classes either. It's beautiful, really. I'll stop sucking at school after spring break, really. I promise. So yeah, Courtney and I went down to the Danbury Mall this afternoon. We had a good time. I didn't spend nearly as much as last time, and when we went to UNO's, we actually got served not only decently but quickly. After the mall, I headed over to Windham to see WHEN HOPE DiES (who, by the way, put on a fucking amazing show... it was great). Jeff was going to be late at the basketball game anyway, and didn't seem like he wanted to do much. I told him to call my new cell when he got in, and maybe we'd be able to see one another, but he never called. So I hung out with the band for a while after the show. It wasn't like I had anything better to do with my time. So I didn't get home until around 1:30, and I have this nasty away message from him, pissed that I didn't return his calls and not to expect to hang out with him tomorrow. After all, I am a "fucking whore". Well, he didn't call me, at least not on the cell phone that I *told* him to call on, the one I specifically gave him the number to, the one I even left the number for in my away message. So I don't know. I give up. Apparently I just suck at everything these days. Yay, I can't fucking wait until tomorrow, well later today, when I get not only to deal with this shit, but also go to work at fucking Limited Too. I'm going to bed now, and maybe I will be able to make myself more content with the hope that I might just die in my sleep and never wake up again.

Oh yeah, I finally paid for this journal today, too, mostly so I could accomidate some sweet new Sugarcult icons.


( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
Mar. 17th, 2003 08:26 am (UTC)
hey laura . . . just saying hi, i know out of the blue, huh? happy st. patty's day! i usually use the aim sn thryndelaney more than kkdlphn, so if you wanted to contact me, that's the best way. otherwise, thrynorca@hotmail.com
( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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