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It's been a while. I haven't really had the time to write. Or maybe I've just been too lazy. Maybe both. Let's recap the past few days, shall we:

Department of Residential Life aka DRL aka the most heartless bastards on the planet are fucking me in the ass. They've pretty much told me that it will be a cold day in hell before I, or any commuter for that matter, gets housing on this campus and that it might as well be a figment of my imagination that I'll ever get to room with Susan. Well, Susan and I aren't giving up so easily. We still have a few more options up our sleeve. Today should lead to some new developments. I'll keep you updated, if I'm so inclined.

Friday night I went to the Home Grown/Riddlin' Kids/All-American Rejects/Wakefield show at the Webster. It was just me and Val because Ben decided to ditch us at the last minute. We actually were still standing outside in line, freezing our asses off, when Wakefield went on, but they sounded okay through the doors... We made it in time to see All-American Rejects though and they were fucking incredible. Oooh, I love them so much. The Riddlin' Kids were just as amazing. They're awesome in concert. Home Grown doesn't have the best music in the world, like they're nothing special, but they're a fantastic band to see live. They're funny and it's just an all around good time. I met up with Rachel and Rachelle from Transpo at the show, so that was fun, especially since they kept me company when I misplaced Val. When we first got into the show, I saw some kid with a Red Chester cd, and I'd heard of that band because their lead singer had IMed me before, promoting his band, and I was like, "Where did you get that?" And he stepped aside and motioned to this verygoodlooking boy that standing behind him and said, "Oh, the lead singer is selling them." So of course I had to go over and buy one. I stuck it in my pants because I had no place else to put it, and it became quite painful toward the end of the night because it kept digging into my pelvis. I actually have a bruise from the cd, as well as bruises on my arms from mosh pits and such. After the show the Riddlin' Kids were hanging out in the merchandise area and I was just checking out some of the t-shirts and such when the guy behind the counters asks me, "Hi, what's your name?" So I glance around to make sure he's talking to me before I answer, and he's like, "I'm Mark. I play in the Riddlin' Kids." and I'm thinking to myself, DUH! but at the same time, I'm like, awwww! It was cute of you to be modest enough to clarify that anyway. But anyway, he had his friend show me a card trick, so I thought all of that was much fun. So I bought a Riddlin' Kids t-shirt. :)

Saturday night Ben and I went out to a movie because he felt bad for ditching me on Friday. We saw Old School and it was fucking hilarious. Sometimes you just need to see a 90 minute movie with a simple plot, cheap humor, and no thought required. I had a really good time with Ben, not like that's anything new. But go see the movie, it's fuuuuuny.

Last night, Amie and I (THANK YOU, AMIE, FOR GOING WITH ME!!!) went to my friend Jim's show at the Empress Ballroom. He's in a band called When Hope Dies. They were playing the cd release shindig for Count The Stars. We waited out in the cold for an hour because even though the ticket said the doors would open at 7:00, they didn't open until 8:15. The first band that went on was, The Posterchild, and they were really young, at least all their 14-year-old fans were. Jim's band went on second and blew the first band out of the water. They were incredible. The sound so much better live than recorded. I was incredibly impressed. It was funny actually, but the sogoodlooking lead singer of Red Chester (whose EP, btw, is really fucking awesome. Go buy it!) was at the show, too, and when we were waiting for Jim to get his shit together, I actually worked up the balls to go talk to him. He's a nice guy, so that made my night, well, aside from finally getting to see Jim's band it did.

Before the concert tonight, Amie and I hit the Danbury mall since we were down here anyway, and I spent a lot of money. I've been doing a lot of that lately. I love shopping. And I love spending my mom's money. If she's going to drive me insane and make me miserable, I'm going to use her money, goddamnit. And use her money I have...

(not all from the Danbury Mall, but what I've purchased in the past few days...)

Cookie Monster t-shirt...$16.13
red furry leopard pin...$1.28
Rainbow Brite pin...$1.28
Holla pin...$1.28
'Sorry, my cat would never approve of you' pin...$1.28
rainbow bracelets...$3.33
pink stud belt...$20.70
gray crew socks...$10.20
The Movielife - Forty Hour Train Back to Penn...$9.19
Independent t-shirt...$20.00
Dickie's Capris...$36.00
mood ring...$3.21
Civic Tour tickets...$128.65
gray thong...$6.50
Red Chester EP...$5.00
green twill pants...$49.50
blue 'salty dog' tank...$16.50
'dump him' t-shirt...$19.50
low rise jeans...$44.50
'band camp' raglan shirt...$12.99
boy cut panties...$10.50
silver ring...$8.50
black and silver bracelets...$3.75
green terrycloth flip flops...$10.00
Riddlin' Kids t-shirt....$12.00
'great lakes hockey' t-shirt...$20.00
gray cropped pants...$38.00
blue cropped pants...$38.00
red zip up hoodie...$15.00
red muscle tank...$10.00
boot cut jeans...$20.00

GRAND TOTAL...$592.77

I worked at Limited Too this weekend for the first time in about two weeks. I remember why I hate it there now. haha I went in to get my $21.63 paycheck on Friday and was floored with the news that both of our assistant managers are leaving to go to Charlotte Russ. Ivonne, who used to be a brand rep under me, then went to Westfarms as a lead brand rep, is coming back to Buckland to replace one of them. I'm like, "Well, isn't that fantastic..." The whole thing just makes it easier for me to quit later on down the road. I'm just that much less motivated to work there now. It's awesome. I'm going to really miss Heather though...

Right now I should be in math class, but alas I'm not. I know, you're surprised. And I didn't do the psych lab that I was supposed to do last night either, because I just like fell asleep the second I got home. I really need to get caught up on my classes this week. I don't have a choice really seeing as I have FOUR EXAMS next week. I'm so fucking screwed. This semester just needs to be waaayyyy over already. I'm just not in a mood for school. Other things are too distracting, and I'm too lazy. Anyway, I should at least try to make it to Italian. I wish it wasn't so goddamn cold and windy out. I hate winter.


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Mar. 3rd, 2003 07:37 am (UTC)
At the end of your list you should say "Not spending a dime because you used your mom's visa card: Priceless" :P
Mar. 3rd, 2003 10:12 am (UTC)
Re: Priceless
593 DOLLARS?!?!?!?! DAMN! I wish I could have a shopping trip like that! lol! :p
Mar. 3rd, 2003 11:36 am (UTC)
holy hell
thanks for the call last night man. gd that's some quality spending. if you decide to do that again, feel free to pick me up a gift lol
( 3 beeps — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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