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From wfsb.com:
Winter storm!
CONNECTICUT -- A major winter storm is here. Winter Storm Daniel dumped a foot of snow on the mid-Atlantic states, then moved into the Northeast....The snow is intensifying and becoming heavy after 8:00AM. It will continue through the afternoon and evening. Gusty winds may make for whiteout conditions at times. The snowfall should begin to lighten up by late tonight. It may not come to an end until late tomorrow morning, but anything we get by that time will be pretty light. Total accumulations from Winter Storm Daniel are forecast in the 12-21 inch range..."

sudenlysuzn [10:21 AM]: so what r u gonna do with your day off?
WolfSavard [10:21 AM]: Excellent question...

I guess I'll start by updating my journal. Jeff was home this weekend for Valentine's Day which was wonderful. He got in on Thursday night and we just chilled. Friday night we went to see Daredevil and it was sooo awesome. Ben Affleck in leather... *drool* I was going to post how mad and angry I was about the end of the movie, but Courtney explained it to me, and I don't mind as much anymore. But I want the sequel, damnit! Friday we also brought my car to the body shop. They're going to have my baby for 3 weeks! They aren't even starting work on her for like a week and a half. *sigh* I'm stuck driving my mom's car, which *doesn't* have a cd player until then. Plus, she keeps pulling all this shit about how I'm a terrible driver or how I'm inconveniencing her because I'm using her car. That spurred quite a few heated arguments which were so much fun. I know I wished more than one time this weekend that the stroke had just killed her. I'm a terrible daughter, I know, but she's a terrible mother, so we're even as far as I'm concerned. I'd be sad if she died, but life would be a lot easier sometimes. Jeff and I went to the Damone/Vendetta Red/The Juliana Theory show at the Webster on Saturday night, too. We waited an hour before anyone went on, but Damone was worth the wait. They were really awesome, despite being completely wasted on stage. I can't wait for their album to come out. Vendetta Red sucked balls. They wouldn't be so bad if they didn't scream and weren't so loud. They're just generic and annoying. The Juliana Theory was even more amazing than they were in Boston. They are so good in concert, it hurts. Last night I brought Jeff back up to Boston so he could catch his bus. And now here I am, watching the snow fall and wondering what to do with the rest of my day. I think I'm going to write a little fic, work on some bracelets, and then maybe *gasp* catch up on some much needed school work. Maybe if I catch up on my classes I won't have the burning desire to drop out of school and just move out West. I want to go to California. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the fact that I know they don't have a foot of snow on the ground and another foot on the way, or that it's sunny there, or maybe it's just the fact that I've never been there before. I'm thinking summer break. Anyone want to go to SoCal with me? I just need to get away from here for a while. I'm restless.


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