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Wake me up. My inspiration sleeps.

Yesterday was fun.
Edit: Yesterday night was fun.
Edit: Yesterday night was fun up until I got pulled over by a cop.

Let me start from the beginning. I woke up with my alarm yesterday at 6:30 AM, plenty of time to shower and do a little bit of studying before my math exam. Only I didn't get out of bed then. Being the lazy and sleep deprived person that I am, I went back to bed until 7:45. So I rush around and don't do any studying and make it out of the house at 8:25. Driving like a crazy person, of course, in order to make my exam on time, I forget that the roads up here in eastbumfuck are still snowy and gross, and on the off ramp to I-84, I go into a skid and go off the road. This has become fairly routine for me, so I go to continue off my way only to find that I'm stuck in the snow. Yep, there was no budging my car on my own. Lucky for me, not one but two gentlemen stopped and pushed my car out of the snow. By the time I roll into UConn at 9:02 it's like blizzarding out for some reason and there's crazy snow all over the place. I was like, "I'm not walking in this shit" for two reasons: 1) I had left my coat at transpo the night before, because I'm just that on top of things, and 2) there was no way I was going to make my class even remotely on time parking in F lot and waiting for the fucking bus. So I paid to park in the goddamn garage. I get to class at like 9:08, and actually wasn't the last person to show up. Not that it would've mattered if I'd showed up at all because I had no fucking clue what I was doing on the exam anyway. I didn't even write answers for all of the questions. Without a doubt, I failed miserably. I give up on trying to pretend I know algebra and head out around 9:40. Walking out of MSB I discover that the blinding snowfall has been replaced by 45 mph wind gusts. Again I decide like fuck if I'm walking and that maybe I'll even go to transpo to get my coat, so I head over to the F lot bus stop. After like 5 minutes one finally shows, and after like 3 people get on, it's fucking full! I am a transpo employee and was denied in an overloaded bus situation! That's so wrong! Luckily for me there was an out of service I Lot shuttle across the street that was heading back to base, so I hitched a ride there. I got my coat, headed to Arjona, painted half my nails, went to Italian and sucked as usual, went to Coms where Liz (Jim's friend) and I discussed how it would be wonderful if Matt Damon or Ben Affleck, or anyone even remotely as gorgeous, came into our crowded lecture hall and needed a seat, we would give up the one we were saving for Jim, who probably wasn't going to show up anyway, since he wasn't feeling well, and of course he didn't and we wound up giving it to someone not really hot at all. I then went to lunch with Amie and the food at McMahon was crappy, but we sat with Brian M. and another Beta so that was a little different. I decided then to skip my econ discussion (I know, what a surprise, but this is when my day actually decided to not suck), and hung out in Amie's room and watched A Wedding Story and the beginning of Blue Crush until Todd came. I went with Todd around 4:15 PM and got my car and we picked up Ben and headed for Boston.
We got to the Roxy at 6:30 and really didn't have to wait in line out in the freeeeeezing cold for too long. The Roxy is such an awesome venue. It's so nice and there are couches and a balcony and it's just really really sweet. It reminds me of the Hippodrome. My only complaint is their floor. On the bottom level, they have like a raised dance floor in front of the stage that has railing on either side of it, so like the crowd is contained to that area. You can't see shit if you're not on the dance floor, and I didn't feel like fighting the crowd so Todd, Ben and I went up and watched from the balcony. The show started at like 7:30 and Vendetta Red went on first. Um, they kind of suck. They may not be bad, persay, but I just don't like their music. Too much screaming. They're on the bill for Saturday's TJT show at the Webster, but I asked the lead singer if they were coming to Hartford, and he said they were't. I think he's probably just retarded though. Fucker will get my hopes up if I count on not having to sit through their set again. Fiction Plane, this band from London, went on next and they were different, but really good. Their lead singer was all tall and lanky and looked goofy when he danced which was amusing to me. Their album comes out on March 11th. I think I may have to get it. Something Corporate was on next, and it was kind of hard to see them because like everyone at the concert was pretty much there for them, so everyone butted into our area. I really wished I was on the floor for them, because they were soooooooo good. They are completely amazing in concert. I love them. After they finished their set it was amazing how the place mellowed and just like fuckin' cleared out. I guess since it was a school night all the tweleve-year-old girls had to be home early. The place was half empty by the time The Juliana Theory finished their set. They were really just fuckin' good, too. I was incredibly impressed by them. I didn't think they'd be as fantastic as they were. I'm really looking forward to seeing them on Saturday now. I didn't run into Jess (magjade) either which was disappointing, but not really surprising. Next time.
It was like midnight when we got out of the concert and can you believe we had to pay $22.00 to get out of the garage?! Twenty-two fuckin' dollars! Fuck you, Boston, I didn't even pay that much to park half the day at the goddamn Fleet Center. We stopped at one of the Mass Pike rest stops on the way home since none of us had eaten anything of substance in damn near forever. We got back to UConn at like 1:30, dropped off Ben, and I got my car and started following Todd back to I-84. Just as I get off campus I see red and blue flashing lights behind me. I was like, "You've got to be fucking kidding me," but at the same time I was like, "it figures." This UConn cop tells me I'm going 53 in a 30. He asks me a bunch of gay questions like if I go to UConn, where I was coming from, where I'm going, why I have a CDL, and eventually lets me off with a verbal warning, which I'm beyond grateful for. I would've just shot myself right there if I'd gotten a ticket. But still, fuck him for pulling me over in the first place! It was after 2:00 AM when I got home, and since I had to be at my 8:00 AM psych lecture this morning, and still had some things to do, I decided to fuck sleep and just pull an all nighter. And oh yeah, I took my mom's car this morning because mine was shaking like a goddamn leaf last night on the highway. I probably threw my tires out of alignment getting stuck in the snow. So instead of parking in a commuter lot, I'm parked in the metered lot outside the library. I was only 6 minutes late for psych which is quite an improvement over the 30 minutes late I was on Tuesday. And here I am now, in Bookworms. I should go now though because this keyboard fucking sucks and my fingers are all cramped up from typing on it, and my meter ran out 35 minutes ago. Jeff comes home this weekend, so I am excited, but I probably won't do anything productive or write or anything until Sunday. Have a happy Valentine's day people.


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Feb. 15th, 2003 10:48 am (UTC)
hey i'm kinda new on here and i was entering my interests and i saw you were the only other person on here who put down marc savard as one of yours. i just wanted to tell you that that makes you pretty cool in my book. have a great day!
Feb. 16th, 2003 08:43 am (UTC)
Re: hey
LoL Yeah, that's great. I was pretty obsessed with Marc for a while, if you couldn't tell by the name. Then he had to go and move himself to Calgary and now down South and have himself a kid. Oh well,I still love him.
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