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If you're a dream then come true.

A recent conversation with my mom while watching MTV:

"That family's weird."
"The Osbornes? Yeah, they are."
"Where does Danny fit into the picture?"
"Danny? Who's Danny?"
"Isn't he one of the brothers? Oh wait, Donny."
"Donny? Mom, you're thinking of the Osmonds."
"That's cause I'm a kook."
"No, that's because you're old."

It was even funnier when the Pepsi Twist commercial came on after. haha

So anyway, yeah, a lot has happened in the past few days. Thursday my mom came home and her new health aide came with her. It's weird, going from living all by msyelf to living with two people. I'm getting used to it quicker than I thought I would. I think it's forcing me to be less lazy. And the house is staying more organized, aside from like the room my mom has been spending all her time in. The aide is nice. Sometimes a little strange, but nice. It's weird just never really having the house to myself. I'm craving alone space. I need to get my room clean again so I can have that back. I just need a computer in my room now. I have to lease one from the school of business. I'm wondering if I can do that now instead of over the summer...
Anyway, Friday, we got all that fuckin' snow. And my car sucks in the snow. On the way back from UConn the roads were terrible. I was driving on 195 and I barely tapped my brakes and my car went into a spin. The guy behind me couldn't stop soon enough and smashed into the driver's side rear corner of my car. Everyone was fine, but my car isn't. The tail end is pretty smashed up. My dad says at least $3000 worth of damage. I called Geico today and explained what happened. They said I'm not at fault, and they'll pay for the cost of repair (less the $500 deductable) and go after the other guys insurance company. I'm sure they'll use this as an excuse to raise my premiums come time for my policy renewal. And my car, my poor car... :( It makes me so sad to see her hurt like this. I love my Echo...
Tomorrow, er, today... in less than 4 hours actually... I have to be at fucking Limited Too. I'm working 7-11 because of Friends & Family. The mall doesn't open until 11:00, and how many people will come in before then? That's right, NONE! Grrr... I hate my job. But that will at least make me get my lazy ass butt out of bed. I have some serious school work catching up to do tomorrow. I skipped so many classes last week. I'm not going to skip any (aside from those that I'm working through.) Really, I'm not. And I'm going to do my work. I swear. It's going to be a productive week. I promise!

Current obsessions: making friendship bracelets, the All-American Rejects, and italian food.


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