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I'm in Maine right now. The drive up wasn't bad. I was expecting it to be a lot worse because I was planning on being exhausted, but since I actually got sleep Thursday night. Of course the fact that I got sleep, meant that I didn't make it to any of my classes on Friday because I slept late. Ooops, I only missed my math quiz, Italian, and my first coms discussion. And it's not like I'm missing all my classes on Monday and Tuesday because I'm here in Maine or anything. Bah. I suck at this whole student thing. I still haven't been to Economics. And missing three Italian classes in a row is definitely not cool. I'm going to have a test on a unit I wasn't in class for when I come back on Wednesday. I also still haven't covered my I LOT shift for Monday, and I realized now that there's no way for me to get the redstar sheet to them anyway. Oh well. I just suck at life. Yeah, all the work cleaning the fucking house, my mom didn't even thank me. All she did is accuse me of shit that I never did. Arghhhhh... anyway, I'm not going to think about all the stresses of home, because I'm 300 miles away from all that, and I'm just going to have lots of fun and enjoy the rest of my weekend, damnit. Yes.
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