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God, I could not believe how fucking cold it is outside. A word of advice for those of you still deciding where to receive your higher education: make sure you think about the fact that you will be walking to and from your classes in the OUTDOORS. Had I thought about this when I was making my college decision, I would definitely be south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I almost blew away waiting for the bus today to go home. Classes should definitely be cancelled when it's this cold outside. There was a high of 16 today (no, that's not celsius) and that's not even including the wind chill. Tomorrow it's supposed to be even colder and Friday is supposed to be even windier. I think I'm going to die. Friday I have to walk all the way across campus in like 10 minutes... that might actually work in my favor if it's a SE wind.... hmm...

So yeah, first day of classes today. I had math, Italian, and communications. My math teacher is a dork, but that's expected. He's actually got a sarcastic sense of humour that's kind of amusing if you pay attention. I don't think it'll be that bad if I can stay on top of it. I'm naturally frightened just because it's math, but I'll deal. I don't have the Italian teacher I thought I was going to have, and that was disappointing, but the one I have will do. Not like I have a choice. There aren't as many people in my class from last semester as I thought would be. I think there's going to be a lot more speaking in class this year, mainly because my teacher is actually Italy and not from the midwest. That scares me, too. I suck at speaking Italian. I'm retarded for majoring in it. My communications class is pretty frickin' huge. I'm psyched because Jim is in my class, though I didn't realize until I was leaving. We went to Bookworms after class because our professor let us out like 30 minutes early. Jim has really amazing hair. I think it's my favourite hair ever, actually. I'm such a sucker for spikey hair. Anyway, after that I had lunch with Amie and normally I would've gone to my Econ discussion, but since it's the first week of classes, no discussions. Which, now that I think about it, means I don't really have to haul ass all the way across campus on Friday. But I will have to normally, just not this Friday. So that means I probably won't even have the wind. I'm so going to be late. Story of my life.

I've been on the phone with my mom for like the past two hours on and off and she annoys the fuck out of me. My whole family does. This whole situation does. I hate them all and I hate that everything has had to change and I hate that they expect me to be grown up. I hate that I am grown up. I hate everything right now.

My bitching:

WolfSavard [5:11 PM]: Ugh, my mom is driving me crazy.
WolfSavard [5:11 PM]: She's a cook.
NYRClooch [5:11 PM]: What now?
WolfSavard [5:12 PM]: She doesn't understand what the fuck she's talking about, what's going on, yet thinks she knows what's right and that everyone else is wrong and against her.
NYRClooch [5:12 PM]: Ahh.... that's not good.
WolfSavard [5:13 PM]: And I just wish she wasn't coming home.
WolfSavard [5:13 PM]: She's so obnoxious and ungrateful.
NYRClooch [5:13 PM]: :-(
WolfSavard [5:14 PM]: I hate her.
NYRClooch [5:15 PM]: :-(:-(
WolfSavard [5:22 PM]: Argh.
WolfSavard [5:22 PM]: :-\
WolfSavard [5:25 PM]: She's so retarded right now she doesn't even have the goddamn phone on the hook
NYRClooch [5:25 PM]: :-(
NYRClooch [5:25 PM]: Atleast you don't have to take care of her yourself when she comes home...
WolfSavard [5:25 PM]: She wants me to.
NYRClooch [5:25 PM]: There's no way you can.
WolfSavard [5:27 PM]: She wants me to a few nights a week, and while that's dooable, how is there a person that exists that pays rent at another place they stay at like twice a week.
NYRClooch [5:28 PM]: Yeah, exactly
WolfSavard [5:28 PM]: So she's like, "What's wrong with you, I'm your own mother!"
WolfSavard [5:29 PM]: I'm like, "Yeah, and I shouldn't have to be taking care of you until I'm like 45."
WolfSavard [5:29 PM]: So she hung up on me.
NYRClooch [5:29 PM]: Yeah, exactly.
NYRClooch [5:29 PM]: You need to go to college and work so you can take care of yourself...
WolfSavard [5:29 PM]: And now her lines still busy because she's retarded and doesn't know how to hang up a goddamn phone.
NYRClooch [5:29 PM]: :-(
WolfSavard [5:29 PM]: It's not my fault she's retarded and fucked away all her money.
WolfSavard [5:29 PM]: Then we could afford this shit more easliy.
NYRClooch [5:30 PM]: Yeah, that too!
WolfSavard [5:31 PM]: She's like I want to put money away for your school.
WolfSavard [5:31 PM]: I'm like, "It's a little late to be thinking about that."
NYRClooch [5:31 PM]: Yeah, really...
WolfSavard [5:31 PM]: Fucking parents.
NYRClooch [5:32 PM]: Yeah...
WolfSavard [5:33 PM]: I hate my fucking family.
WolfSavard [5:33 PM]: They're all falling apart.
WolfSavard [5:33 PM]: Every last one of them.
WolfSavard [5:33 PM]: When I need them the most.
WolfSavard [5:33 PM]: And none of them are doing shit.
NYRClooch [5:33 PM]: :-(:-(
WolfSavard [5:34 PM]: I wish I was like 12.
NYRClooch [5:34 PM]: I thought your aunts were helping out?
WolfSavard [5:34 PM]: Then I wouldn't be expected to do anything.
WolfSavard [5:34 PM]: Barely.
NYRClooch [5:34 PM]: :-(
WolfSavard [5:34 PM]: The whole thing is like a mess.
WolfSavard [5:34 PM]: And everyone's really expecting me to do everything.
WolfSavard [5:34 PM]: Especially stupid fucking none of this is his goddamn business father Rohan.
NYRClooch [5:34 PM]: That's impossible.
WolfSavard [5:35 PM]: Like I have insurance companies calling me about shit I don't even know about.
WolfSavard [5:35 PM]: And I don't know why mom thinks we can't afford this either.
WolfSavard [5:36 PM]: It's not going to cost more than $5000 a month.
WolfSavard [5:36 PM]: Which is wicked expensive.
WolfSavard [5:36 PM]: But my mom is getting money.
NYRClooch [5:36 PM]: If you have questions about the insurance stuff about your mom you should call my mom, she did it all with my grandfather... she'd definitely be glad to help.
WolfSavard [5:36 PM]: Thanks.
WolfSavard [5:38 PM]: I just want to punch everyone in my family.
WolfSavard [5:38 PM]: Even though they're all broken anyway.
WolfSavard [5:39 PM]: Tell them to leave me the fuck alone and that things will get taken care of.
NYRClooch [5:39 PM]: Yeah...
WolfSavard [5:39 PM]: I should just take all her money and fly out of the country.
WolfSavard [5:40 PM]: They're all lucky I haven't done that already.
WolfSavard [5:41 PM]: I don't even know how they're going to handle it when I go up to Maine.
NYRClooch [5:41 PM]: They'll have to suck it up and deal
WolfSavard [5:41 PM]: We've got the home eval the 30th. I leave the 31st. I come back the 4th, and my mom comes home the 5th.
WolfSavard [5:42 PM]: They're going to have to do everything without me.
NYRClooch [5:42 PM]: Hopefully they'll get it done.
WolfSavard [5:43 PM]: They don't really have a choice.
WolfSavard [5:43 PM]: But if it doesn't get done, it's because I was selfish and went to Maine.
NYRClooch [5:44 PM]: You need a break too....
NYRClooch [5:46 PM]: I gg...ttyl!
NYRClooch [5:46 PM]: Good luck with everything! :)
NYRClooch [5:47 PM]: And really, call my mom if you need to!
WolfSavard [5:47 PM]: Thanks, and sorry for ranting.
NYRClooch [5:48 PM]: That's okay! Anytime! That's what friends are for!! :):)
WolfSavard [5:49 PM]: You're the best.

Todd, where are you??


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Jan. 24th, 2003 03:04 pm (UTC)
16....thats weak
there was definately a high of -1 the other day...now thats cold...that night it got to about -18 with a wind chill of about -40..there was a warning not to be outside for too long at night cause ur lungs could freeze...any skin exposed for more than 15 min was pretty much frost bitten...i think i proved my point ....some may say i am psycho...and cleary i would have to agree...hope everyones extremely "cold" winter is going well ...this is eric if u havent figured it out
Jan. 24th, 2003 04:17 pm (UTC)
Re: 16....thats weak
Yeah, well, you went to Clarkson knowing very well that it was colder than fuck up there. It's not supposed to be this cold in CT. And I was washing buses in it! :P
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