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Okay, so I found out why I have a sore throat... strep. Yep, it's wonderful. I'm actually pretty grateful it's not mono or tonsilitis or anything terrible like that. They gave me some meds, so hopefully now I can actually start feeling better and enjoying solid foods. I just have to remember to take them. If you see me, please remind me.

My mom's office is a fucking disaster area. Hell, my house is a disaster area. I have no idea how I'm going to get it read by the time I go to Maine on the 31st. I'm completely overwhelmed. This is hard.

Classes start tomorrow which is even more fantastic. I bought my books last night. I only spent $250 which isn't bad at all. I wish I just didn't have to use them. How am I going to have time to go to classes and do school work with all the shit I need to do around here? Oh well, I really need to go get stuff done around here. I need to run to Target and buy things for this person whose going to be staying with us. Then I have to get my moms car fixed. And then I have to go wash buses and drive appartment shuttle until midnight again. At least when I'm driving I get to just chill out. It's kind of nice. I can sense I'm going to have a nervous breakdown before the end of the month...


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