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The past 24 hours remind me of the good old days... watching late night talk shows while talking online to Courtney, hanging out at her house and participating in family parties, and of course, obsessing over fan fic. I miss 8th grade so much, man. Life was way, way, WAY easier back then. I want to write some fic so bad, but I know I have much more important things to be doing... I'm torn. It seems like I'm never doing things I love these days, or if I do, I get screwed for doing them. Growing up sucks and so does being in charge of a household. Man, to be in 8th grade again...

I filled out the right housing application just now. The other day I filled out one for Spring 2003. I submitted it and everything. Hopefully that won't become a problem... I really want to live on campus so bad. I am scared now that there won't be room for me. Damn you, commuter waiting lists. I don't know what I'd do. Hey, do you think it's a little too obsessive to already be getting things together that I want to put in my dorm room?


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just me.

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