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Well, break's over. Not really, I don't start classes for another 5 days, but it might as well be over. Jeff left this morning to go back to Maine. I don't get to see him for two weeks, which really isn't that bad, but I'd much rather see him every day of the week. I don't want to start classes either. Break has not been as relaxing as I might've hoped and the thought of adding class work on top of things is too much to handle...

The last few days of my break were somewhat enjoyable. Let's recap: Inventory at sixo'clockinthefuckingmorning sucked completely. Our bitch of a district manager felt the need to join us and be super anal-retentive about every goddamn count. Example: she made me recount a tier of the candy tower because it was off by 2 items. Nothing on the tier was more than $2.00 and most of it were $0.50 lollipops!! So while I was supposed to leave at 10:00, I didn't really get a chance to leave until 11:15. However, since the sketchy inventory people were there, I had to lock my purse in my locker which I haven't locked in about 2 years. Well, the lovely management team at the Too didn't have the right lock combination written down so my stuff was stuck in the locker, and therefore I was stuck at Limited Too until 11:45 when finally security came and cut the lock off. That was beyond obnoxious. Later I dyed Jeff's hair and it came out pretty awesome. I bleached the tips and then dyed them red. The red of course is already coming out. Damn you, non-permanent hair colors. I have a picture, but it's on a half-used roll of film that's not technically mine, so it probably won't get used until I go to some more concerts.

Speaking of concerts, let me side track from recapping on my past two days, which now that I think about, weren't really that interesting. Oh wait, maybe they were, I found out all this shit that's going to happen with my mom. I'll talk about that later. So, concerts... yeah, there's a couple I want to go to. 2/15 at the Webster... The Juliana Theory, Vendetta Red, and Damone. Yes, I know I'm seeing TJT just a few days earllier, but as I'm going to that show for Something Corporate, I want to go to this show for Damone. I heard their demo and it was really amazingly good. I want to check them out. 2/28 at the Webster... Homegrown, Riddlin' Kids, All American Rejects, and Wakefield. I want to check out this show for Riddlin' Kids and Wakefield, whose demo I also got and is mighty cool. I'm excited. I love concerts.

So in more depressing, stressful news, we had another meeting about my mom's discharge. Insurance companies suck and they're not going to pay for my mom to stay at Glastonbury past February 5th, so that's when she's coming home. Of course she's mostly incompetent, so we have to have someone living with us 24 hours a day. Yeah, I hate my life. I don't want some fucking stranger living in our house. It's fuckin wierd, man. They're talking about shipping someone in from Poland... mmmm. Forget the fact that who the fuck would want to live in my disgusting house?? The animals have ruined the furniture and carpets and my house is really just gross. And possibly the most filthy of all the rooms in the house, my mom's office, is going to have to be turned into a bedroom. Yeah, I haven't even seen the carpet in that room for years. This could be a challenge to say the least. I guess I have my work cut out with me for the rest of break. And to think I thought I'd be bored. I really just need to make sure that I actually work and be efficient and not piss away my time like I did all day today. Yeah, I got nothing accomplished. I suck at life and worst of all now I need to go find something to wear to LimitedfuckingToo where I'm working until 10:00. Maybe I'll get something done when I come home from work since I'm going to stay up until 2:30 AM anyway because my episode of Last Call with Carson Daly is on tonight. So you, yeah you... TURN ON NBC AT 1:35AM EST TONIGHT AND WATCH SUGARCULT AND LOOK FOR ME! I'M IN THE FRONT ROW!! YOU'D BETTER WATCH!!!


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