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It's 1:45 and I'm feelin' alive...

So snowboarding went really well on Monday. I'm completely sore, and muscles that I didn't even know I had are killing me right now, but aside from that it was a positive experience. I actually stopped a few times without falling, which is a huge victory for those of you who haven't snowboarded before. I'm very excited about learning and hope I can continue to improve. I think I'm going to invest in some equipment at the end of the season.
I went out ot UConn today to scheudle my temporary hours for Spring semester. It was more filled up than I had expected. Grrr. I didn't get the kind of hours I wanted. I'm sort of disappointed, but oh well. Maybe they'll be better for permanent schedule. I just want to work more at Transpo so I can work less at Limited Too.
I took Jeff to Providence tonight for dinner at the cheesecake factory. It was extremely yummy as usual. We browsed the mall a little, too. Providence Place is the best mall in New England. It's so nice. I just love it. They have awesome stores that we don't have at stupidfuckingannoying Buckland Hills. For example, Delia's, who has way more in their store than they do in their catalog, especially in the way of Peanuts shirts. I already bought two from the catalog, but there's a much wider selection in the store, and I like those so much better, but one only needs so many Snoopy shirts, ya know? But anyway, I did buy a long-sleeved tee on sale for less than $8. Another cool store they have is Newberry Comics. There I bought a Nerf Herder cd, a rad white belt with stars on it, and a penguin. Yes, that's right I bought a 2 foot tall, plastic, lawn-ornament type penguin, and I love it. It's so completely awesome. It just screams, "Put me in a dorm room!" and since I will mostlikely be living in a dorm next year, I had to get it, you see. Now how can Susan possibly refuse living with me?? I have a penguin!!
So while the penguin was a definite high of the evening, realizing that I have to be at Limited fucking Too at 6:00 AM tomorrow today for INVENTORY really killed my spirits. I hate inventory. It's the devil. It is like the worst thing possibly ever invented and it's just completely evil to do before the sun is even risen. I hate Limited Too. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. I suppose it's a good thing that Jeff remined me that I had to be there tomorrow, because I completely would've forgotten. I've been a total space case like that today. Gee, they might've even fired me for that one. And wouldn't that have been a shame... HA! Time to at least pretend to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Later.


( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
Jan. 15th, 2003 01:24 pm (UTC)
Hey.. just think about how *I* felt, getting back from vacation, and finding out that signups had happened while I was in Pitt.

I'm totally assed out for hours.

( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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