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I'm breaking down and you can't save me.

Okay, I'm so over this breathing through my mouth deal. I've been sick for fucking forever now, and I've had enough. Now this nasty post-nasal drip is like ruling my life. I've also discovered a large lump in my throat. One of my tonsils (that's right, just one) appears to be extremely swollen, so much that it's blocking half my throat. It's painful and makes swallowing not so easy, but mostly just looks scary. I'm hoping it doesn't require professional attention...

Anyway, enough with the grossness. My mom seems to think I should be able to live on campus next year so yay! I'm so excited about having a dorm room and actually being a part of campus life. Susan and I are in discussion about being roomies which would rock. Now I just need to fill out the forms and stuff, and stop spending all my money too, since it's going to cost quite a bit more to not commute...

Celaura is coming over bright and early tomorrow for our snowboarding lessons. I think I should tidy up a bit. The kitchen is quite messy. I think I'll go do that now, and make myself a bowl of oatmeal. Yay for going grocery shopping. :)


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