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Well today I must say was a much better day than yesterday. Last night I did wind up braving the fierce weather to go see Jeff, so that made me happy. He got me a sweatshirt, and a stuffed dog, and a New Found Glory DVD and he burned Bowling for Soup's second album and the Chevelle album for me all of which are completely wonderful.

This morning I had to work and it was mad slow until about 11 when it got crazy with cranky people returning things. It's not my fault that people give you sucky gifts so don't take it out on me, motherfuckers! I can't wait to go back tomorrow... NOT.

My mom spent most of the day in the hospital getting x-rays. Turns out she did crack her pelvis so she's in a lot of pain, but now we at least have a reason for it. She should be able to walk again soon, but who knows what kind of set back that put us up against as to when she's coming home.

Val scored Last Call tickets to the January 8th taping that Sugarcult just happens (hehe) to be the music guest of. Now we just have to figure out how to get to NYC... I'm so excited because she's coming over tomorrow night to watch DVDs (mainly Harry Potter and Sugarcult) and it's going to be much much fun. Ben and Courtney are possibly coming, too, so it will just be a rockin' good time! I'm so excited!

I'm still stuffy and congested and drippy but at least I'm not achy anymore. That sucked.
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