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I hate studying!

I'm so sick of finals and studying! I hate them, they are the most evil things ever. Finals are the devil. I would almost rather not have finals and just take whatever lame ass grade I have come the end of classes. I don't think that a final has ever *helped* my final grade. I can't wait until they're over so I can concentrate on more important things like getting ready for Christmas. Okay, that's stressful too, but at least I enjoy it. Now I need to go shower and head up to UConn so I can do some last minute Italian studying. After that I'm training on the new Internationals which should be exciting. I'm done with that at 4:00 and every minute of my time (except for the few hours I'm washing buses) from them until 7:59 AM tomorrow I'll be studying for geography. I hate finals.

2 days and 2 finals to go until sanity and normal sleeping hours...

Last semester's GPA: 3.25
Previous overall GPA: 3.08
This semester's expected GPA: 2.24
New expected overall GPA: 2.82
*This semester's actual GPA: 2.30
*New overall GPA: 3.01

*Updated as grades come in.
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