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The Misadventures of Val and Laura

Val and I always have the most interesting experiences when we're together, and the past 16 hours have definitely been some of the most adventurous...

Episode I: Despite a multitude of warnings about traveling in the impending ice storm, Val and I decided we would brave the elements and head to Boston for the Sugarcult concert. (As if some trecherous driving conditions could keep us from the greatest band ever!) We managed to leave around 5:30 after some miscommunications about which commuter lot we were meeting in, and were on the Mass Pike before the storm really started. We got to Boston with no trouble and didn't even get lost getting to the club in Cambridge! And going to Boston and not getting lost is a completely amazing feat, especially since Val and I are both directionally impaired. We parked in a not-too-sketchy garage for only $5 (another miracle to pay anything less than $20 for parking in Boston!) It was only 7:00 when we got there because we had factored in plenty of time for weather delays, traffic, and a good hour just to get lost, so we had some time to kill. We wandered around in the Gap until we spotted a Starbucks where we chilled for a while (and played with the cool AIM feature on my new cell phone!) We headed over to the club (T.T's The Bear) and were amazed at how completely (wonderfully) small the venue was. The stage was less than 2 feet off the ground, and the band members were all just wandering around, coming in and out. Val and I situated ourselves by the steps to the stage, which had its drawbacks (getting in people's way) and benefits (...getting in people's way.) We chilled until the first band, The Burning Brides, went on at 9:30. They were pretty good... sort of Vines/Hives/Strokes-ish but not nearly as annoying. Airin and Marko the basist and guitarist (respectively) watched like half of the first set right next to us. Sugarcult went on second, and they were absolutely amazing as usual. Not quite the same without Ben, their drummer; oh how we missed him. They didn't play for nearly long enough, or at least that's how it seemed. (Of course if they were still playing right now, I'd still be standing there, engrossed.) They played a really awesome punk version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", which I so wish I had a copy of, and a pretty even mix of stuff from their old and new albums. When they were done playing and moving all their equipment off the stage they came out and hung in the audience. I told Marko that we came all the way from Hartford just to see them and he thanked me and gave me a hug (dude gives the best hugs!) and a kiss!! It was so awesome that they came all the way to Boston that night... the night before last they played in Los Angeles and today they're playing in San Diego. Val and I like to pretend they came just for us. We headed back to the stage for SR-71 and I was amazed that they had their own roadies to set up their buttloads of equip. When the band finally came on they were pretty good, but I couldn't help but be distracted by Mitch, their lead singer, and his god complex. They had one roadie that went out to fix one of the pedals or something that had gotten knocked off in the middle of the performance and the look he gave the guy was one of the worst looks I've ever seen! It was like, "You incredible lowly loser, how could you dare let that happen to me?? You completely suck at life." and I was so disgusted. I didn't think people gave looks like that in real life! I so wanted to punch his face in. It ruined the rest of the set for me, which otherwise would've been incredibly good. I was perked up at the end when the bassist from Burning Brides came up to the front of the stage and just stood their giving him the finger with this crazed look in her eye. I think he was ready to piss his pants, it was amazing! I told her that she made my night before I went and bought their cd. Before we left we talked to Marko who was hanging out at the merchandise table. We asked how Ben was doing and he said well, and then he convinced me to buy a shirt, which he signed. Before we left Marko offered us some candy and cookies, and I scored another hug and kiss! :-D It was raining by the time we left the club (there's something about freezing cold rain and Sugarcult that never seems to escape me and Val...) and we were shocked to see it was already 1:30 by the time we got to the car. We got back on the Mass Pike with no trouble, but the roads were pretty terrible. There was sheer ice and inches of slush in places, and there were times I was driving 35 mph. We got home in one piece luckily because our parents would've kicked our asses if we had gotten into an accident, especially since we told them we were at home studying... heh heh. Smart, I know. But our adventure doesn't end there...

Episode II: Even though we didn't get back until 3:30AM, Val was saintly enough to pick me up from the Toyota dealership at 8:15AM. We took the most backwards way home from Lynch Toyota due to rush hour traffic and missed turns and as we sat by the mall waiting to take a right in red some dude in a pickup rammed into Val's bumper! It felt so hard that I expected that when we pulled over into the nearby plaza I would see her bumper smashed in, but there was just some crazy scratches. The other guy called the cops so they could file a report, and that's when Val realized she didn't have her license. Val called her mom and asked her to bring it to her, but it was doubtful that she'd get there before the Manchester PD. In the back of my mind I was thinking how cool it would be if the cop that came was Officer Tom Lagasse, who is always hanging out in Limited Too. To our pure joy when the cop car pulled into the plaza it was him! I explained to him Val's license situation and he just laughed and called us retarded. I love Cop Tom and I love having connections. :) So yeah, Val's mom came and freaked out slightly and we got the guy's info and Val brough me home and now I'm here not studying for my finals like I should be. Perhaps I'll go do that... but it's going to be even more boring after the amazing night we had. *sigh* Finals are the devil...

8 days and 4 finals to go until sanity and normal sleeping hours...
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