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I think I've become nocturnal...

My hours are so screwed up. I've come to this conclusion because here it is, after 2 AM and I'm up making Christmas cookies and wrapping presents, and I don't feel the least bit tired. Of course, this is kind of a problem because it means I can't get up in the morning to save my life. Which is why I haven't gone to Italian the past three classes or any of my classes for that matter... I'm going to go tomorrow though, really. I am.

Current obsessions: vanilla lattes, chap stick, Sugarcult, and knee-length socks.


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Dec. 10th, 2002 05:04 am (UTC)
Hehehe, I SO miss college... You know you're in trouble when you're awake to see the sun come up, 'cause then it's nearly impossible to get to sleep, and the willpower to go to class is drained completely. On the plus side, staying up all night was the only way I would ever go to breakfast...

Remember the eternal college slogan: "Don't let classes get in the way of your education." Peace!
Dec. 10th, 2002 08:46 am (UTC)
it's okay, i think i'm actually completely nocturnal now.
Dec. 10th, 2002 09:06 pm (UTC)
oh, don't worry. i've been noctural most of my life. i didn't realize *why* i was always so tired all day until after high school, and college didn't help much of *anything* the first time. it's been a couple years and i've realized that i can just sleep when i'm totally exhausted.

insomnia sucks.

oh well. it's still ok to be nocturnal. if i can get away with it, i plan to live the majority of my life (the remaining time) at night. :)
( 3 beeps — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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