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I am in total disbelief about tonight... how the fuck did I go from not having tickets to talking to the band?!! Holy shit. You'll have to excuse me if I'm like not making any kind of sense, but I am so fuckin' high on adrenaline right now! That was the best concert ever! I've never worked so hard for one concert, though. Yes, I got in for free... but I also stood out in the freezing cold rain for an hour, got beat up by crowd surfers, nearly passed out, and lost my star bracelet in the mob. It was all such a small price to pay, because it was the best night of my life. Omigod, we were so close, right in front, and and omigod.... they were right there!!!! And then at the end Marko 72 stage dove right on me and I was totally down on the ground with my arms around him for like forever!! But that was nothing because after the show got out we got to meet Marko, Ben and Tim!! I got them all to sign my arm and I got pictures and hugs and Ben compared my double-jointed elbow to a Japanese porno! I am beyond in love with Sugarcult now and I don't think I'll be able to get to sleep now because I'm waaaay too excited! Eeep!!!!!!

So, in other news (as if anything else was anywhere remotely as important as Sugarcult), since I haven't had the time or energy to post in weeks... my mom is going to be in the rehab hospital she's in until the 11th of December, but then she's going to go to an acute rehab hospital, and no I don't know how long for. Last night Amie and I went to go see Jim Bruer and he was fuckin' hilarious. I laughed so hard it hurt. Jim Bruer is da fuckin' man. I am only doing more poorly in my classes than I was last week, but whatever. People need to stop lecturing me about doing well, because I'm beating myself up about it enough, other people don't need to. I know school is important and I'm paying $1000s a year to go there, but whatever. School's not everything and some things are more important (like family...and Sugarcult!) But yeah, tomorrow I don't have to be anywhere and that totally rocks so after I drop off my pictures to be developed, I'm going to be working on my geography project all day. :-P I hate school... but I LOVE SUGARCULT!!
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