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What a weekend...

This weekend has been mad crazy... totally full of extreme positives and negatives. Let me recount for those of you who care. Friday night I got home from driving apartment shuttle around 11:00 and then Kristina came over with brownies (+). After she left, at around 1:30-2:00 AM I got 8 or 9 cryptic phone calls from my mom, who had just been moved to the new rehab center earlier that afternoon, saying that I should call the police and that the rehab center wasn't safe and how it felt like she was being kidnapped (-). Saturday I had to be at band at 9:00 AM (-) to prepare for our last game at memorial stadium. Despite the fact that Mr. H didn't show like he said he would (-), the game was soooo wicked awesome. We won 63-21, and the fans were so excited that everyone rushed the field at the end of the game (+). Unfortunately they were met by pepper spray wielding cops and their attack dogs (-). Here's the article from our school paper:
Police pepper spray students
By Chris Gillon

Police used pepper spray to repel fans trying to the tear down the goalposts at the end of the UConn/Kent State football game Saturday. One student was arrested in the incident.

Police charged Kier Yerachmiel Kailas, 18, of Ballston Spa, N.Y., with interfering with an officer, 2nd-degree rioting and breach of peace. Kailas was processed and released.

Hundreds of students gathered near the sidelines in the final minutes of the game, which UConn won, 63-21. UConn and Connecticut State Police positioned officers in the four corners of the field, armed with pepper spray. At two corners, officers had two K-9 units to deter the crowd from approaching the goalposts.

With seconds to play, police moved to the areas behind the goalposts. The clock hit zero and fans began to take to the field cautiously. Police then moved into the end zones and established a line, which they told fans not to cross.

When fans attempted to rush the south goalpost, police discharged pepper spray to repel them.

Kailas ran to the goalpost from which he was removed by police and handcuffed. A press release states that Kailas attempted to incite the fans to cross a line the police had established for students not to cross. His bond was set at $2,500.

A separate press release issued by the police defends the decision to disallow the fans from taking down the goalposts.

"No historical concern for tradition at the university would outweigh the concern for such injury or death to any bystander who happened to be victim to such an accident," the statement said.. After the game we broke for dinner which was one of the more amusing meals I've had at UConn (boys are such fun) (+). We went to Killingly and it turned out to be a lot of fun and the bus ride was cool despite school buses, especially since I bonded with the driver (+). However, I did come down with a cold and still feel like complete shit (-). Today Todd and I went to the SnoSports Expo at the HCC and it was nifty. I got lots of free sitckers (+). Then we went to the rehab facility to visit my mom, which isn't really that fun, but my mom wasn't in that bad of a mood (+/-). On our way home from the hospital, cutting it rather close to when I'd have to leave for work, Todd's car crapped out on us. It took almost two hours to get a tow truck (-). But I did get to miss 1/3 of my shift at LTD2 (+). Four hours of floor setting kicked my ass and my cold is getting worse (-), but that's okay because I still have the best part of my weekend. I SCORED SUGARCULT TICKETS (+++++++)!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life has been made, folks. And I'd tell you how I got them, but then I'd have to kill you. ;)


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