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I'm finally home!

Yes, it's almost 5:20 AM and I'm just getting in. Yes, yes I was supposed to be home five hours ago, but from 1:30 AM til about 4:15 AM I was sitting in the ER at Windham Hospital. Let's start from the beginning, shall we. It all started off as an innocent little charter... driving Pi Phi to and from Huskies. We picked the girls up at the student union and dropped them off at Huskies just fine, and then we decided to kill all of our down time hanging out at base. So after being kicked out of the girls bathroom, we decided to hang out with Brad in the dispatch office. We were all actually having a really awesome conversation which led to Ben revealing that he was a black belt in some sort of martial art. So of course I was wowed by this and had to see him in action. I asked him to do a move, but he said that that would be hard since it's primarily for self defense. So I'm like, "Okay then, Brad, go attack Ben." So the boys humour me and the next thing I know Brad is on the floor, curled in the fetal position, holding his knee in pain. Yep, that's right folks, he dislocated it. So Ben called 9-1-1 and they came and got Brad, leaving Ben and I to close up shuttle services (after of course picking up about 50 very drunken sorority girls and their dates. We got out of transpo around 1:00 and then hauled ass over to Windham Hospital only to be told to wait. We didn't even get to see Brad until almost 3:00 AM. I should add by then it was Brad's birthday. (Happy birthday, Brad!) Needless to say Ben and I feel absolutely terrible about it, and Brad almost made it worse because he was so nice about it and kept thanking us for coming to the hospital (I think he was a lil loopy from the pain meds). Yeah, so it was an amusing, but very, VERY long night to say the least... and I have an exam in the morning... later... in a few hours. Now I'm going to bed.
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