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Tonight's theme: Grand Larceny

Today was all about shoplifting. We (by we I mean Limited Too) get a call around 7:00 from mall security telling us to come and identify some of our merchandise that they caught some shop lifter's with. Well Heather (my manager) and I were like, wtf, there's no way they got anything from us. But she sent me down to identify it. Well when I got down there I found myself in the company of The Gap, The Disney Store, Lerner, and Victoria's Secret. These people were like professional shoplifters. They had like half the f'in mall in this van of theirs. I feel soooo bad for the police officers who were in charge of the case because they had to write up every single article of clothing, and there were thousands upon thousands of dollars in merchandise there. They needed a huge van just to bring it all to the Manchester PD. Luckily the stuff that was from Limited Too (only about 25 pieces) wasn't from our particular store, or any store in CT. So we were psyched to know that we hadn't gotten hit after all. So later on that evening were doing our usual thing and a bunch of sketchy women walk in, who we recognize as having stolen from our store before, so I called security for a walk through. By the time security got there the women were gone, but we think they got a pair of jeans and some clearance shirts from us. So we were like whatever, and got over it, because it happens to us on a literally daily basis these days. So then we closed the store and were straightening and such. I look up from what I'm doing and I see one of the shoplifter girls standing outside the store giving me the most evil look. I'm like, "Uh... Heather..." Heather can't see her because she's hiding behind a pilar and is like, "Who's out there?" And I'm all, "Uh it's that girl. They're back again. Those women." So Heather tells me to call security. While I was doing that she starts harassing Heather through the gate, threatening to beat her up and also confessing that they "got so much shit" from us. She eventually takes off and security was just a little too late as usual and she got away. That freaked us both out so we had security escort us to our cars, and all that shit made us get out like half an hour late. What fun. Working in retail fuckin' blows because shoplifters are the scum of the earth. Get a goddamn fucking job and stop stealing from my store, motherfuckers. Go to hell and die.

Oh yeah, and I think I set a new record for how many points one can lower their GPA in one day. Yeah, I am a dumbass and didn't realize I had a geography exam until I got to class today. Ooops.



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Oct. 24th, 2002 10:17 pm (UTC)
Grand Larceny and the like..
Wow...that's pretty freaky. I've only had one retail job and the one 'shoplifting encounter' i had was by this woman in her 40's, hi as a kite, came into the HARDWARE STORE and walked up and down each aisle shoving random objects (blowtorches, rotary buffers, light switches) into her ridiculously large purse... My boss called the police and luckily, they responded within minutes (they keep a unit at dunkin donuts specifically for the HIGH number of calls they get in that area........) and the woman was arrested, whereupon they found drugs and drug pariphanelia. The worst part was, her husband is some bigshot in town (i dont remember who) and they're filthy rich... just goes to show you, the scum of the earth are everywhere...
( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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