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Boo to the end of a long weekend!

The concert tonight rocked. I loooooove Dashboard Confessional. Ash and Hot Rod Circut were awesome, too. Loudermilk sucked as usual. They are the worst band I've ever seen (with the exception of maybe Nappy Roots...maybe...) Never go see them... ever. It was a good end to a fun weekend, but now in my exhaustion the reality of my dreadful week to come is upon me. In 9 hours I have an ORAL exam in Italian. Yeah, that's right, I have to speak Italian off the top of my head. I'm completely fucked, but hey it's only 5% of my fuckin' final grade. I've got to learn philosophy this week, too, and I think I have economics work to do, and not to mention the other part of my Italian exam on Friday. Any free time I have this weekend is going to setting up this godforsaken tag sale, which by the way, will be taking place on Sunday (no, really this time!) Hey, anyone who wants to help please come by... I know you want to. Amie, Todd, I love you.... hehe Tomorrow is TRANSPO TUESDAY! Yep... pretty much at transportation the entire day. I'm working until close. Todd, come hang out again! We had so much fun last week! It'll rock! :-D Must go sleep so I can wake up early and hate myself for sucking at Italian.


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