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Another pseudo-productive evening...

Well, I completed another inane task tonight as opposed to doing something that actually needed to be done; I put together my schedule for next semester. Looks like I'll be taking (hopefully) ILCS 146 (Elementary Italian II), MATH 105Q (Math for Business and Economics), ECON 112 (Microeconomics), COMS 102 (The Process of Communication), and PSYC 132 (General Psychology I). That's 16 credits. Assuming I pass all my classes this semester it will put me at 62 credits. I'll still need to take MATH 106Q and ACCT 131 over the summer if I want to take 200 level business courses, that's assuming I even got into the School of Business. *sigh* I'm going to be at UConn forever.

On another note, I've been neglecting my car lately. I should go out and do something nice for my baby. She's 6 months old and just hit the 10,000 mi mark. I think I'll treat her to Jiffy Lube for a nice oil change, get her other fluids topped off, air pressure in her tires checked, and a nice vaccuming. Then I'll take her to the car wash for the works... wash, rinse, wax, simonized rust protector underwash, and power air dry. Maybe if she's really good I'll see what I can do about finding her some new hubcaps...
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