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Survey to pass the time...

01. I hurt: myself a lot.
02. I love: being with people I love.
03. I hate: being left out.
04. I cry: more often then you probably think.
05. I fear: everyone hating me.
06. I hope: next year starts off better than this one is ending.
07. I sadden: everyone around me.
08. I feel alone: a lot.
09. I kill: my gpa with my exam grades.
10. I talk: when people let me.
11. I listen: to anyone who wants me to.
12. I break: things all the time. I'm a jackass like that.
13. I see: no one ever responding to my journal.
14. I smell: macaroni & cheese and ham.
15. I taste: macaroni & cheese and ham.
16. I work: too much or not enough.
17. I remember: when life used to be happy.
18. I hold: memories close to my heart.
19. I hide: more than you think I do.
20. I pray: when I want something. (Sorry, Jesus.)
21. I walk: half a mile in the freezing cold to my inane classes!
22. I drive: too much.
23. I read: too little.
24. I burn: candles so my house smells like a home.
25. I breathe: when I remember to.
26. I play: games when I should be doing more important things.
27. I miss: senior year.
28. I touch: soft, warm things when I can.
29. I learn: usless things.
30. I feel: like a jerk.
31. I know: very little.
32. I said: I was okay, when really I wasn't.
33. I dream: scary, odd dreams.
34. I have: a lot of stuff. I'm lucky.
35. I want: to spend all of my time with everyone I love.
36. I fall: in love easily.
37. I wait: very little. I'm impatient.
38. I need: a friend.
nurse. leo. attention whore. punk rock princess. flexitarian. space case. deltasig. browncoat. fangirl. professional bridesmaid. lover. geek. only child. dreamer. former market researcher. aerialist. uconn husky. internet addict. twentysomething. enfp/j. crazy cat lady. gryffindor. bohemian. new england gangsta. democrat. narcissist. daughter. friend.

just me.

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