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Back in CT... blech.

Well, since I last wrote I've done a lot, such as driving more than 20 hours, some of which were in circles and some of which were actually going places, but most of which were just sitting in annoying traffic. I dropped a class, Italian Cinema, because just like every year the class that I think is going to be the easiest winds up being the hardest. Yeah, I had a paper due Tuesday and I didn't think I'd be able to write it so I just dropped the course. It was inane, anyway, and I picked up a useful course instead that I actually need. (PHIL 102... I was holding out for 105, but I'm apathetic about life and just don't care anymore.) I went to the KKY informational. I skipped part of a class, to do so, but it was the class I later dropped so it doesn't matter. I can't make many of the other rush events because I have work and such, which is uspetting, but I suppose it doesn't matter. The more I think about it, the more I keep thinking I might get in, but I really need to not think that. I can't handle the disappointment that I dealt with last time when I didn't get a letter. So I need to tell myself I'm not going to get in because if I expect the worst, I can't get disappointed, right? Right. I drove until after midnight on Thursday, which is maybe why I woke up late for my 6:45 AM shift on Friday. I felt terrible for being late, but they didn't seem too mad. So I went up to Maine this weekend, and save the long, lonely drive I had a great time. I spent time with my baby which was the best, but now I'm so upset because I don't get to see him for another month. Two weeks was long enough. I got in around 10:30 last night and on the way home I volunteered to take a 6:45 AM driving shift for this morning. Well, as my luck would have it, my alarm didn't go off. I was like an hour late. I felt like shit and this time I got a write up. I felt bad so I offered to take a longer shift and to cover an afternoon shift, even though it means I skipped three of my classes today, one of which I have yet to go to. I had an Italian test and it went okay, I guess. I was too tired and lazy to go to work tonight, so I called out of Limited Too saying I was sick, because I really am. I have been all weekend. I don't really have a voice anymore. I sound like a retard. But I let them down, and I haven't done anything productive in the meantime. I suck at life, and right now I'm so depressed I just want to like go cry for like hours, and I don't really know why. Maybe I'll go do that... or attempt to be productive. Whatever. I hate life.
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