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Today has been horrible...

It's the anniversary of the most tragic day any of us could ever imagine and it's too much for me to bear. I've been crying almost non stop today. Any little thing has set me off, even seeing a flag at half-staff. It's just all so sad, and I try to tell myself not to listen, not to watch, not to read about it, but I can't. I just feel like I have to watch, like if I ignore it then I'm not paying the day the tribute it deserves. It was surreal hearing my cousin's name read off with all the other WTC victims this morning... just surreal.... not comforting or painful, just surreal. Nothing has been comforting today. It used to be comforting to see the flags and signs of patriotism, but now it's just a painful reminder. Anyway, I need to just stop thinking about it, and I need to stop crying. I hate this... I wish this never happened. But most of all I wish that they never make September 11th a national holiday... I will shoot myself if I ever have to work a 9/11 Day Sale. It makes me sick, much like everything about today has been. Anyway, I have a busy 48 hours before I go to Maine so I need to sleep, or at least try to.


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