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F*ckin' traffic...!

I went to the Warped Tour today with Jeff up in Boston and I'm exhausted! Not from rocking out all day but from sitting in traffic! We left at 11:00... we didn't get to Suffolk Downs until almost 4:00. A tractor trailer jack-knifed on the Mass Pike by 495 and traffic was backed up for 7 miles. We sat in traffic for about two hours. Then we hit Big Dig traffic coming in to Boston which was about an hour. We missed like half the bands there, and I couldn't find Ben Kweller, who was supposed to be there... I really wanted to check that kid out! But it was still a good time. It wasn't as hot because there was a good breeze and the bands we did get to see kicked ass... especially New Found Glory!! :-D They could've played all night as far as I was concerned. A 30 min set was definitely not long enough. I so want to go see them this fall. They're coming to Worcester. Any takers? The concert ended pretty early (8:00) but we hit another hour of Boston traffic on the way home. We stopped at a rest stop, along with like 200 other kids who were at the Warped Tour, on the way home and I just got in like half an hour ago. Not bad... but tomorrow is going to suck. I've got mad work to do around the house before this party/tag sale. *sigh* Summer's over...


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