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I did it!

I'm so proud of myself! Today I got my CDL and a tattoo. Yep, that's right I said a tattoo. First off, my drivers test was sooo easy. I was flipping out for nothing. I feel pretty silly now. I headed to the DMV as soon as I got out of my test to get my license. I got the right one this time (and in only one try!) but it took forever and I look like a crack addict in the photo, but that's okay. I have to get a new one in a year anyway. The new CT licenses are so weird but so cool looking. I like. :) After I went to the DMV, I picked up Courtney and we went for my tattoo appt. The lady drew it not how I thought she would, but it's so cool and I love it. She also had a different color scheme idea and of course her's looks way better than mine did. The tattoo took an hour and a half but we were there for like 2.5 with all the set up and like me almost passing out and stuff. :) Parts were like almost unbearably painful but most of it wasn't bad at all. I'm so in love with it. Now comes the hard part: aftercare. Eeep!
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