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No work at Limited Too today, yay! Just bus driving, and it wasn't as hot, and I didn't suck as much. I didn't get to the tattoo place today because our central air crapped out. Apparently the unit was frozen or something... *shrug* So I had to stick around while the guy fixed it. It was pretty steamy in the house but now it's nice and cool. It turns out that my grandfather does have lung cancer. That sucks a lot and now my mom is upset about that, too. I don't get it. He exerises for an hour a day, eats right, and has never smoked a day in his life. Fuck what the doctors say. Go out and eat a Big Mac, chain smoke, and sit on your but in front of the TV all day. Apparently no matter what we do, we can still get screwed in the end anyway. Live hard and die young, baby.

On deck for tomorrow: dentist appointment :-\, hardcore errands, tattoo place to talk to one of the artists, exercise (since I was a lazy ass and didn't today) and shower, out to dinner with Jeff and his parents at the Mill on the River.


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just me.

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