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I am soooo bloated from dinner! I had steak and crabs legs. I haven't had steak in years! I still am confused about what to get for a tattoo or if I really have the balls to go through with it. I thought that Dashboard Confessional was getting me too depressed, so I put Sugarcult in my cd, but hours later, guess what's back in there? Yep, Dashboard. I'm addicted I tell you! Addicted!


( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
Jul. 25th, 2002 10:26 pm (UTC)
My advice: the tattoo will wait. Figure out what you want indelibly etched on your skin, and don't rush it. It could take a while, and that's okay. Picking a tattoo is like picking a husband or wife: it can be undone, but only with a great deal of expense and pain. So treat it like picking a husband or wife: wait for the one you truly love.

Myself, I will be getting at some point in the future a tattoo of a knotted rope around one ankle. Like the initiation Starhawk recorded in "Spiral Dance"...one foot was bound for "Feet Neither Bound Nor Free," (symbolizing the fact that once you start seriously on your spiritual path, you are not stuck forever with it, but you will find yourself compelled forward.) I'll get it the day I take my oath. Blah, I rambleth.
( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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