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...or not. I really don't feel like spending forever writing a whole lot about all the concerts I went to so I'm just going to give you the quick run down. Alicia Keys... really awesome, when she was actually singing. The concert was really much much longer than it had to be, and her opening act blew chunks. The pedicures were the best (my toes are soooooo pretty!) and the hotel was great. The beach almost sucked big time, but it was a good time by the end of the day. John Mellencamp was awesome. He is just so great and all his songs are just so fantastic. Even better than him performing was watching all the old fogies go all crazy for him and dancing and stuff. The Weezer concert was good, too. There were more bands there than I thought there would be. Loudermilk sucked completely. They're terrible. Sparta and Hometown Hero were great, and so was Weezer of course. They had lots of cool lighting and effects and stuff (none of which included loud pyrotechniques, yay!). They'd be better if I knew more of their songs, but I don't. It was worth it to hear them sing Buddy Holly though. :) I love that song! Even better than Weezer was Dashboard Confessional. I'm so in love with his music now. I bought the cd yesterday and I've been listening to it non stop. It totally mellows me out. Yeah, so that was my week...

Now I'm still tired from my busy week last week, and this week is busy, too. Summer is drifting by, and it's really bumming me out. My tan is still so weak. Bleh. I can't decide if I want to get one of these tattoos that I'm getting. I already know that I'm getting one of them, but I don't know about the other one yet. I'm having second thoughts... such a big decision. Oh, and I'm soooo proud of myself! I got a credit card, all by myself, with an awesome credit limit! Yay! I've got good credit! I've got good credit! But, sadly, that I believe will be the highlight of my pathetic and annoying week. Rah.


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