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And the day started off so well...

I was so looking forward to today, and it started out so awesomely. Jeff and I went to the beach and had a blast. We stopped by his grandparents on the way home and visited with them a bit.... okay, well, today isn't today anymore, because when I was typing this last night/this morning I fell asleep at the computer and then went to bed. So now it's 13 hours later and I'm finally finishing it, but that's alright since my day(s) have only gone further downhill... so anyway, yeah, great time at the beach and everything. I come home and my mom's like, "I've been having chest pains so the doctor says you need to take me to the ER." So we go there and we sit around until 9:00 and then the doctor says "Oh, you need to spend the night. We have to run tests on you tomorrow morning." So my mom is pissed as all hell and is giving all the doctors and nurses the hardest time ever. She was determined to walk after her tests in the morning and wanted her car there, so I had to have Jeff and his mom come get me at the hospital and take me to my car. Then I went all the way back to the hospital with stuff for my mom and then all the way back home. Meanwhile, I've developed the nastiest, most painful sunburn on my back, which is still very very painful. I don't want to leave the house anymore because it hurts too much to wear pants. So I didn't get to sleep last night until after 1 AM. I woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 6:50, but I hit the snooze until my mom called. Then after she called I went back to sleep, but in the process of hitting the snooze I like readjusted the alarm, so it didn't go off again. I didn't wake up until 8:50 and I had to be at UConn at 9:00. I was freaking out because when I went back to sleep the last time I had this terrible dream about how my boss at UConn, Joe, hated me. So I realize on my way to work, flying down 84 and 195 that I don't have my LTD2 schedule for next week, which I need to schedule training hours. Joe was already pissed at me for not having them earlier this week. So I'm calling LTD2 the entire way to UConn waiting for someone to get in and give me my schedule. They finally gave it to me, but I just remembered which mornings I had off. So at least I had that, but I was still 25 minutes late for work. Work kinda sucked... I'm doing all the stuff I did well crappy now, and the stuff I did crappy, only a little better. Well, I finished work and then I called Joe G and we decided to go to Subway for lunch. So I park in front of Subway, lock the doors and close them. Joe's like, "What are you doing?!" I'm like "Oh shit, I just locked my keys in my running car..." Luckily the UConn po-po is right across the street so they came and broke into my car rather quickly. Well, since there's no place to sit in Subway, Joe and I wound up going to Friendly's anyway. When we were there, I took out my calendar to write down what days I was training and I realized that Limited Too fucked me over. I have like 14 hours next week, and 8 of them are on Sunday. Yeah, what day did I request off like two weeks ago? Sunday. So now I have to yell at them about that, because yes I have to go to work today from 5-10. Even if they take away my hours, I'm still going to loose 8 hours next week. So either way I'm fucked. But now I have to go take Luna to the vet because last night Jeff and I thought she had a tick, but it was some sort of messed up scab on her face, and then it started bleeding/pussing and it was wicked gross. My mom is still in the hospital and they ran the tests, but we don't know what's up. All I know is that if my day gets much worse, I'm gonna kill someone.
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